9-Year-Old Boy Dies After Shot Inside Far South Side Home

The incident, which took place at a corner residence at 94th and Wallace in the city’s Princeton Park area, is one of at least five shootings in Chicago since the beginning of the year in which someone has lost their life as a consequence of gunfire. The young kid was taken in an ambulance and taken to Comer Children’s Hospital, where he was pronounced dead upon arrival. The medical examiner confirmed his identity and determined that he had been the victim of a homicide.

9 Year Old Boy Died in Shooting

The investigation into the fatal shooting of a nine-year-old boy in a home in the Brainerd area on the South Side of Chicago on New Year’s Day was ongoing as of late Monday night, according to the Chicago Police Department. Approximately half an hour after 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, Jarvis Watts was shot inside a home located in the Brainerd community on the 9400 block of South Wallace Street.

A member of Jarvis’s family stated that the shooting was an accident, despite the fact that the police on Monday would not clarify how many times Jarvis was shot. When Jarvis was shot, according to the police, he was at home with members of his extended family in the same residence. Officers located the victim inside, and there were a large number of adults and children inside at the time. The police did not specify which room or rooms in the house the shooting took place in.

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Boy’s Mom Questioned By Police

According to sources, the boy’s mother is one of the relatives who are still being questioned by police at Area 2 as they attempt to identify exactly what took place and who owned the weapon that caused his death. There were still pieces of crime tape outside the house where 9-year-old Jarvis Watts was fatally shot three times on Sunday evening. The shooting took place inside the house.

9 year old shot police questioned mom

At this point, the police are still trying to determine whether or not the shooting that occurred here was accidental. There has been no success in locating the weapon. “It would seem that more respect is given to the perpetrator of the crime than than the victim. This gun is currently tucked away in a cosy spot; it may be resting on a pillow, driving in a car, or being carried around in the waistline of someone’s pants.

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There were Number of Youngster in the House

This infant has been laid out for viewing at the mortuary “Andrew Holmes, a neighbourhood leader, was quoted as saying. “The house is currently occupied by multiple generations of the same family. At that time, there were a number of youngsters in addition to a number of adults that were present in the house “according to CPD Commander of the 22nd District Sean Joyce. On Monday, neighbours told police that the youngster was one of three who lived there and that he went to Kipling Elementary School, which is directly across the street.

shot in home

A neighbour named Shirley Smith, who lives just next door, expressed her regret upon hearing about what had taken place. “They never missed a chance to be outside, whether it was to play football or just to run around. They were always ready to assist me when I was coming in with a large number of groceries in the car, and if I needed any assistance they were happy to provide it.” Sadly, the boy was one of the 13 persons shot in Chicago on New Year’s Day, and five of those shots proved to be fatal.

To Conclude

“It would appear that the person who committed the crime is accorded a higher level of esteem than the victim of the act. This firearm is currently concealed in a safe location. It is possible that it is laying on a pillow, that it is travelling in a vehicle, or that it is being transported in the waistband of someone’s jeans. This child’s body is currently displayed for visitors to observe at the mortuary “A statement made by a neighbourhood leader named Andrew Holmes was cited in the article.


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