Woman With 3 Children Shot Dead By 2 Men

A lady who was with her two young sons were killed by two members of an opposing gang who were sentenced to more than fifty years in jail each for firing their weapons at their competitors but instead killing the woman’s family. She was talking to a store worker and standing near her two sons, ages 10 and 12, when a bullet went through the front glass of the store located at 5900 S. Kedzie Ave. and wounded her in the head.

The store is located in the 5900 block of South Kedzie Avenue. She was in critical condition when she arrived at the hospital, where she was taken. It was discovered that she had died away once she arrived at the Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn after being taken there in an ambulance.

Video of Incident Came Out

video of shot incident

The prosecution claimed that a video recording of the incident showed Mitchell, Zabala, and another member of the Satan’s Disciples street gang “false flagging” (showing rival gang signs) to a group of men who were travelling in a Chrysler car just prior to the shooting. This claim was based on the fact that the video was obtained through the discovery of evidence. After that, Zabala went and retrieved a gun, which he then delivered to Mitchell, who proceeded to fire five shots at the Chrysler while it was parked on a major roadway during evening rush hour.

“This happened… on a dazzlingly gorgeous spring evening in the city of Chicago where it all took place. I can say with absolute certainty that it took place during the week,” Tim Joyce, the judge, took a mental note of something. That intersection was used by a significant number of people, both on foot and in vehicles, on a regular basis.

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Didn’t want to Kill Woman

did not want to kill woman

The officials claim that just one of the bullets struck the Chrysler, while the other two struck an ambulance that had recently left a hospital and was on its way back to a fire station. Tuesday came and went without a word from Mitchell, but Zabala did apologise to Dickerson’s family after the incident. Zabala is quoted as saying, “I didn’t mean for anything to happen.” “I beg you not to hold it against me,” the person said.

Joyce indicated that he was aware that neither of them planned to kill the mother, who was 36 years old, but he considered that their actions were still highly bad even though they did not want to kill her. “It is not a ridiculous suggestion at all. The reason for this is that they do not care about anything other than venting their annoyance at a different member of the gang, and this is why they behave in this manner “The magistrate made a remark.

Woman has 3 Children & She was working at Norwegian American Hospital

woman has 3 children shot dead

Candice Dickerson is a devoted employee at the pharmacy at Norwegian American Hospital, where she also serves as a mother to her three children while simultaneously caring for them. On April 26, 2019, she went to a Metro PCS store in the hopes of obtaining a new cell phone that she could give to one of her boys as a reward for his outstanding academic performance. She was looking for a smartphone with a more recent model.

Despite the fact that Dickerson had worked longer hours at the hospital in order to provide her children with a better standard of living, she was still able to find the time to help her children with their schoolwork, pay attention to them, and prepare their favourite dish, chicken Alfredo. Dickerson’s children loved chicken Alfredo. The frequent and often amusing phone conversations that Dickerson’s mother got from her daughter were one of the things that Dickerson’s mother has said that she will miss receiving from her daughter in the future.

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Jury Found The Men Guilty

first degree murder assault

Last summers a jury found Bryant Mitchell, age 27, and Marco Zabala, age 28, guilty of first-degree murder, attempted murder, and aggravated discharge of a firearm in connection with the death of Dickerson. Both men were charged with using a handgun during the commission of the crimes.

After Dickerson’s family and best friend addressed the court about how grieved they were by her passing and how heartbroken they were that she was unable to witness the maturation of her sons, the sentences were given down. Dickerson was unable to see her sons grow up before she passed away.

Woman’s Sister BEGGED to Judge

family want justice to mother shot dead

Nicole Dickerson, Candice Dickerson’s sister, stated that their brother and his buddy “robbed Candice of all the memories that come with being a mother.” Nicole Dickerson was referring to the events that occurred after Candice Dickerson became a mother. She maintained, however, that not only had they stolen from others, but that they had also stolen from themselves and their families. She begged the judge to hand down a prison sentence for them so that she could send a message to the other members of the gang and stop them from hurting anybody else.

More than 50 Years Sentenced To The Men

A total of fifty-six and fifty-one years of incarceration were correspondingly handed down to Mitchell and Zabala respectively. They were each given credit for the 1,341 days that they had spent in jail waiting for the judge to reach a decision in their different cases. The credit was given to them for the time that they had spent sitting in jail.


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