Son Stab Father To Dead

After it was said that a man in the West Pullman neighbourhood had killed his father with a knife on New Year’s Eve, the man was arrested and charged with murder. The person who died was 64 years old. Calvin Rice, Jr., 27, is accused of stabbing Calvin Rice to death around 9 p.m. in the 12100 block of South Emerald Avenue, according to the Chicago police department and the office of the Cook County medical examiner.

The alleged event took place in the same place. The thing that happened happened. The police say that Rice, Jr. was taken to jail within the same block about twenty minutes after the event and charged with first-degree murder. Rice Jr. will probably go to court on Tuesday for a hearing about his bond. Over the holiday weekend between Christmas and New Year’s, there were seven separate shootings in Chicago. Due to these events, 21 people were hurt.

Police Arrested Son, 27 Year Old, for Stab Father

police arrested son stab father

The Chicago Police Department took a 27-year-old man into custody in connection with the stabbing death of a 64-year-old man. On New Year’s Eve, the thing happened in the West Pullman neighbourhood of Chicago. CPD Superintendent David Brown said that the suspect would be charged with first-degree murder in connection with the stabbing that happened inside a home in the 12100 block of South Emerald Avenue at about 9:15 p.m. on Saturday. The event happened because of the stabbing that happened inside the house.

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office found that the victim was Calvin Rice and that he died from multiple cuts caused by a sharp object. They also found that he died from injuries caused by a blow to the head. Rice was taken to Christ Hospital, but when he got there, doctors said he was dead because he was no longer alive. When officers got to the scene, they were able to catch the suspect without having to leave the area. Brown said that the suspect was going to do what the court told him to do and show up as planned on Tuesday.

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2 Other Men Also Arrested For Stabbing Woman on New Year’s Eve

2 men arrested for stabbing

According to the police, two individuals have been charged in connection with the stabbing death of a woman that occurred on New Year’s Eve in the city of Frederick. According to a news release issued by the Frederick Police Department on Tuesday morning, Mary Alice Seward, who was 41 years old, passed away on December 31 at Frederick Health Hospital after being stabbed.

The location of the homicide, according to the police, was in the 200 block of Linden Avenue, which is located to the south of West Patrick Street and to the west of the United States Route 15. They did not divulge any details on the murder until they issued a press release on Tuesday, in which they reported the arrest of two suspects.

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Charged with First Degree Murder & Second Degree Assault

first degree murder assault

According to online court documents, Ruben Terod Williams, 38, was charged with first- and second-degree murder as well as first- and second-degree assault. These charges were brought against Williams. It is unknown where he resides. According to the available online court records, 37-year-old Erin Elizabeth Davis was charged with being an accessory to both first- and second-degree murder.

According to the press statement, the police conducted interviews with witnesses and gathered evidence before making the arrests of Williams and Davis on Monday at their home in Union Bridge. According to the announcement, both individuals were being detained at the Frederick County Adult Detention Center. According to the online court documents, neither party was represented by an attorney.

Woman Pronounced Dead

On Tuesday morning, it was unable to get in touch with the police in time for a comment. They did not reveal any additional information about what transpired or the circumstances that led to the homicide. According to the release, city police responded to Frederick Health Hospital at approximately 4:47 a.m. on December 31 after receiving a complaint that a lady who had been stabbed was there. The woman, who was later determined to be Seward, was pronounced dead at the hospital where she was taken.


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