Shooting At Walmart Parking

Three people were injured by gunfire on Wednesday night in the parking lot of a Walmart that is located in the Pullman neighbourhood, according to the Chicago Police Department. The victims were reportedly loading their groceries into their vehicle in the parking area of the store located in the 10900 block of South Doty Avenue when they were shot at by a person or persons inside a dark-colored sedan that drove by as they were loading their groceries into their vehicle, as stated by the police.

More than 10 Rounds were Fire- Source

“I spotted a large number of individuals running into the building. They mistook it for fireworks, but it turned out to be shots being fired “During an interview with WBBM, Arnez White, an employee at the company, shared his thoughts. The speaker added that when they got outside to examine what was going on, they discovered two people laying on the ground. White reported that he counted between ten and thirteen shots being fired. It was not completely clear whether or not the victims had been the intended targets of the attack.

3 People Injured in Shooting, 1 is in Critical Situation

After the shooting, a man in his twenties who had been shot in the chest and the back was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in a critical condition, as reported by WLS-TV. He had been shot in both locations. After being shot, a male victim aged 27 suffered an injury to his left leg and was taken to a hospital in the area where his status remained stable.

Roseland Hospital took a patient who was 19 years old and had been wounded in the right forearm. The patient had a gunshot wound. Her condition is currently unchanging. A man in his twenties was discovered with gunshot wounds to the back and chest. He was sent to Christ Hospital in a critical condition and is currently being treated there.

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Automobile and Other Stuff still present at Shooting Location

walmart parking shooting automobile still present

As of ten o’clock at night, an automobile was still present at the location, and according to a report that was filed by Jermont Terry of CBS 2, the trunk was open and the door was slightly ajar. When the incident occurred, several of the victims were in the process of loading their belongings into a vehicle. In addition, there were two shopping carts full of bags that were left behind at the scene of the accident. During this time, evidence markers in the shape of cones were positioned wherever there were still spent gun casings to be found.

Motive of the Shooting is not known Yet

It is not quite clear whether the shooting was part of a targeted crime or an effort at robbing an establishment that was unsuccessful. In the course of the investigation, we are looking into this further. Even though a substantial area of the parking lot has been cordoned off for the investigation, the Walmart is continuing to operate as usual in spite of the event.

walmart parking shot motive unknown

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This is the case despite the fact that the parking lot has been sealed off in its entirety. There is not currently anyone being detained in custody at this time. At this time, an investigation is being carried out by the Chicago Police Department.

Other Vehicle still unable to Reclaim

In close proximity to the vehicle that was parked with the open truck were a number of other automobiles in parking spots. We do not know whether or not all of the victims were in the same automobile; however, we do know that some customers were unable to reclaim their automobiles on Wednesday night since they are now a part of the crime scene. We do not know whether or not all of the victims were in the same automobile. It was unknown whether or not all of the victims were travelling in the same vehicle at the time of the incident.


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