Official reports claim boy, nine, walked backwards up hospital wall

Even though this tale reads like a script, it is all true. It was thought that this house was among the most terrifying in the whole country.

A young mother, her mother, and her three young children moved into this home in 2011. The family who moved in later reported seeing swarms of black flies on the porch in the middle of December. which was abnormal for the time of year.

Daily Mail claims The mother became aware of noises coming from within her home, including the sound of footsteps and the groaning of doors. Sometime later, she mentioned that she had seen a “shadowy man pacing in the living room” and that she had discovered a “boot print.” She even said she was strangled by an invisible force.

During a sleepover with a friend, the girl’s mother witnessed her daughter levitate above the bed. She went back to bed after the family had prayed for her. There was an incident that the daughter couldn’t remember. Then, for no apparent reason, her eldest son was flung across the room. Next, the younger son’s eyes rolled back in his head, and he allegedly growled at his family, saying, “I will kill you.” The Daily Mail expands on this topic at length.

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Health Care Was Sought By The Family After Six Months

Law enforcement and CPS were called because they believed it to be a staged event, but their minds were changed when they saw the boy begin to walk in reverse up the wall.

All of them would see evidence of the supernatural and testify that the house was haunted. Something very evil and supernatural was happening in that house, and a thorough police report and eyewitnesses would prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

It was decided that this house in Gary, Indiana would be known as the Demon House. On ABC7 Chicago, they delve deeper into the history of the haunting of this house.

The Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans purchases the house, films it, and then demolishes it.

Over 800 Pages Of Official Records Obtained By The Star Detail Ammons’s Story

She states that everything went downhill after she and her family rented a house in Gary, Indiana, in November 2011. They claimed to have seen black flies swarming the place and heard people walking up and down the empty stairs.

Over 800 Pages Of Official Records Obtained By The Star Detail Ammons's Story

Rosa Campbell, Ammons’s mother, claims that she heard screams from her daughter’s bedroom in March of that year and then saw her 12-year-old granddaughter “levitate” above the bed.

The local churches and clairvoyants that Ammons and Campbell consulted advised them to build altars and burn sage in the house to drive out evil spirits. But the problems persisted, and Ammons eventually came to believe that she and her kids were “possessed.”

Around this time, a concerned citizen called the DCS with the allegation that Ammons was mentally ill and was forcing her delusion on her children, who were encouraged to perform for her. The boys of the Ammons family were interviewed by DCS family case manager Valerie Washington and registered nurse Willie Lee Walker, who accompanied Campbell to the hospital.

Washington’s report states that the nine-year-old boy gave Campbell a “weird grin,” “glided backward on the floor, wall, and ceiling,” and landed on his feet.

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He climbed the wall, flipped her over, and just stood there, Walker told the Indy Star. “That’s impossible for him to have done… What just happened was totally insane. Everyone has to leave, I yelled.”
The young man said he didn’t know what had happened and couldn’t do it again.

Officers From DCS Eventually Ended Up With The Kids

The Reverend Michael Maginot is among those who believe Ammons because he claims to have witnessed paranormal activity at her home.

In June of 2012, he conducted three official exorcisms on Ammons at his church, twice in English and once in Latin.
Captain Charles Austin of the Gary Police Department said that after visiting Ammons’ home and interviewing witnesses, he has become “a believer” and no longer suspects that she and her family faked the possessions for financial gain.

Officers From DCS Eventually Ended Up With The Kids

Austin claimed cloudy white images resembling faces appeared in police photos of the house, and that an unidentified voice could be heard saying “hey” on an audio recording made there.

Both Ammons and her children were not diagnosed as psychotic, but psychiatrists who interviewed them concluded that Ammons had induced her children to engage in delusional behavior.

In late 2012, after agreeing to a stringent list of conditions, including not talking about demons and not being possessed by them, Ammons regained custody of her children.
The family has returned to Indianapolis, where they will be closer to friends and family and where they will no longer have to worry about their problems.

Last Words

After his mother claimed he and his two siblings had been possessed by demons, the boy, then nine years old, reportedly walked backward up a wall and ceiling as startled medical staff looked on. Two witnesses, a nurse and a caseworker from child services, reported seeing the boy ‘glide’ backward along the ground, a wall, and the ceiling.

After their mother’s claims that their Gary, Indiana, home was haunted and that all three of her children were possessed by demons were met with skepticism for months, both siblings were shocked to see the boy apparently float. According to the Indianapolis Star, Latoya Ammons claimed that her 12-year-old daughter also levitated in the house and that all three of her children displayed signs of possession, such as “evil” smiles and unusually deep voices.

A Catholic priest said the exorcism ceremonies at Miss Ammons’ house had the blessing of the Diocese of Gary. A city police captain claims to be a “true believer” that the house is haunted after witnessing unexplainable events there. Police officers, including the local captain, said they were too afraid to spend the night at the house after a series of unexplained occurrences occurred there, and many city officials avoided the property altogether.


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