Marilyn Manson Sexual Assualt Case Dropped

A lawsuit that was brought against artist Marilyn Manson by a model named Ashley Morgan Smithline has been dismissed by a federal judge. In the case, Ashley Morgan Smithline accused Manson of abusing her. In 2021, the claim was initially submitted. The complaint was dismissed without prejudice on Tuesday by U.S. District Judge Fernando L. Aenlle-Rocha, according to court documents that were obtained by The Times. This indicates that Smithline may still file a lawsuit against Manson based on the same allegations that were included in the case that was previously filed.

In October, she had her representation by her attorney terminated; however, she did not furnish the court with notification of a substitute attorney before the deadline in December. In June of 2021, Smithline initiated legal action against Manson, whose real name is Brian Hugh Warner, in the form of a lawsuit. Within its pages, she made allegations that he had sexually assaulted her on multiple times in the year 2010.

U.S District Judge Dismiss The Sexual Assault Case Against Marilyn Manson

U.S. District Judge Fernando L. Aenlle-Rocha dismissed the action without prejudice, which indicates that Smithline retains the right to refile the complaint at a later date if it so chooses. According to the dismissal order that was filed late Tuesday in the federal court in Los Angeles, she had until the end of the month before to either hire a new attorney to replace the one she had fired in October or make the decision to represent herself in court. The order to dismiss her case was submitted late Tuesday. Despite this, she did not provide the court with any notification of any action in time for the deadline.

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LA Model Claims Against Marilyn Manson

She claimed in the lawsuit that during the first incident, she awoke to find that both her ankles and wrists were tied behind her back, and that Manson was invading her. In a second incident, the plaintiff stated that Manson had placed a pillow over her face before using a knife to cut her shoulder, inner arm, and stomach. This was one of the allegations made in the lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, Smithline was also left with branding scars, had Manson’s initials etched into her, and had a hairline fracture to her nose as a result of other claimed assaults.

Marilyn Manson's LA Model Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Manson has responded to Smithline’s allegations by denying them, stating that his connection with Smithline in 2010 lasted for less than a week. In a statement issued in 2021, not long after the lawsuit was submitted, he stated that “there are so many inaccuracies inside her accusations that we wouldn’t know where to begin to refute them.” He said this in response to the fact that the case had been filed.

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Case Dismissed Without Prejudice

Smithline has not been heard from since October, when her attorney, Jay D. Ellwanger, made the decision to discontinue further legal action on the claim. After that, she failed to notify the court by the deadline on December 5 regarding whether she would be representing herself in court or whether she had acquired a new attorney to do so. The deadline was set at 5 p.m. The complaint was dismissed without prejudice by United States District Judge Fernando L. Aenlle-Rocha on Tuesday, which means that Smithline maintains the right to file the claim once more at some point in the future.

19 Months of Investigation

In September, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department made public its decision to hand over its investigation into sexual assault claims levelled against Charles Manson to the District Attorney’s Office so that the DA’s office might consider filing criminal charges against Manson. According to the information provided by the agency, the 19-month investigation into Manson has been concluded by the Special Victims Bureau of the Sheriff’s Department.

The agency examines allegations of sexual and physical abuse committed against children, as well as sexual assaults committed against adults who have been convicted of a felony. Manson, who is now 53 years old, has continually denied any misconduct in the face of multiple women’s allegations that he assaulted them. Esmé Bianco, an actress who has appeared in “Game of Thrones,” filed a lawsuit against Manson in federal court in April 2021, accusing him of sexual assault and sexual abuse after a string of violent meetings, which she characterised as a pattern.


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