ME's report says 8-year-old Amaria Osby was going to be taken from mom now accused of her murder

Amaria Osby, age 8, was murdered by her mother in their Uptown home because she “loved her father too much,” according to the suspect’s statement.

We recently found new records that suggest Amaria’s murder may have had more than one simple motive.

CBS 2’s Chris Tye reported last night that the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services knew about Amaria, who passed away at age 8, as early as age 3. The department has admitted that procedures were not followed, but now we know that the story we’ve been told for the past eight months may differ significantly from the one told to the mother who is being charged with murder.

Andreal Hagler, Amaria’s mother, urged her daughter to swallow bleach in May of last year. After the fact, Hagler admitted that he had used a plastic bag to suffocate Amaria because “she loved her father more.”

Amaria and her mother had a visit from DCFS, the state agency in charge of looking after disadvantaged children, just hours before.

After a neglect call on Amaria was made in the spring, DCFS did nothing for 60 days to try to get in touch with the family.

“One month? Slapping one in the face, “In June of 2017, DeMarcus Osby, Amaria’s father, spoke with CBS 2’s Tye about his daughter’s death. “If they tried, they might have been able to capture her. My daughter narrowly escaped capture. Had they gotten to my daughter in time, we might still be here today.”

In June of last year, DeMarcus Osby claimed he was the one who reported the neglect, but he was denied custody of the child. He provided his speculations about the murderer’s motivation. Osby explained why in June: “Because she told the truth to the agent.” “Indeed, she did tell the truth. She was being honest.”

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She Lied About What, Exactly?

Osby confirmed what the victim had already suspected: that her mother had been abusing her.

However, new information provided by the report obtained by CBS 2 from the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office provides insight into what those DCFS agents saw and said to Amaria’s mom in the hours leading up to the crime.

She Lied About What, Exactly

The ME’s report states, “Relatives say.” After a meeting with DCFS, Osby’s mom learned that her daughter would be removed from her care and given to a new guardian.

This contradicts the DCFS account of what happened in June, if true. Specifically, the text stated: “A detective went to the house and interviewed the mother and child. None of the indicators of possible physical abuse or neglect were present.”

Considering the new information from the Medical Examiner’s office, we questioned DCFS on whether they still stand by their original statement from June. They released a statement reading as follows:

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Amaria Osby, 8, Was Found Dead In Her Home, And Her Mother Has Now Been Charged With Her Murder

Some new information has emerged about the mother who, according to police, admitted to killing her daughter, who was eight years old, last week in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood.

The state’s child welfare agency recently visited the home, and CBS 2 was the first to tell you about it. Chris Tye, who has covered the story for CBS 2 since its inception, says that the family was known to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) for a full five years.

Amaria Osby, 8, Was Found Dead In Her Home, And Her Mother Has Now Been Charged With Her Murder

The last time they were there, it was for a domestic violence investigation. A week has passed since the murder of 8-year-old Amaria Osby, but DCFS has said surprisingly little about the visit they made to the home in the hours before the murder.

Amaria Osby’s death was a week ago today. Family members describe her as an “angel” whose “brief time on this earth touched many hearts.” A girl who was once described as “intelligent” and whose mother has admitted to her murder.

Andreal Hagler, 38, allegedly asphyxiated her daughter Amaria after she finished praying before bed while under the influence of PCP, according to a taped confession.”Her daughter didn’t love her anymore,” her mother reportedly said.

The Final Words Spoken By The 8-Year-Old Were “Momma Stop”

Hagler’s suicide attempt was unsuccessful, and she is now facing charges of first-degree murder. The state’s child welfare agency had visited their home hours before the murder before it was sealed off with medical examiner tape.

DCFS reported that it was looking into a case of domestic violence between two adults. No allegations of abuse or neglect against the youth at the residence were reported last week, according to officials who spoke with CBS 2.

DCFS revised its original statement but maintained that no indication of child abuse was found in this home. The inside investigation of “Domestic Violence Is a Form of Child Neglect.”

CBS 2 has learned from reliable sources that the girl told investigators she had been hit.DCFS did not provide any sort of confirmation or denial of this, nor did it provide any documentation of the visits from last week or the week before, such as a timeline, photos, or case notes.

The funeral expenses for Amaria have been funded by a GoFundMe page set up by her family. According to CBS 2, the Inspector General responsible for DCFS has started investigating the agency’s actions.”The Inspector General’s Office should look into this because it fits the criteria for such an inquiry. Our January annual report contains the results.”


According to the agency, the domestic violence allegation involved parental abuse, not child abuse. When asked when DCFS was made aware of the abuse allegation, an agency spokesman said, “it’s still an active investigation,” and that no further details would be provided.

After a crash on the Eisenhower Expressway near Peoria Street in 2017, Hagler was arrested for driving under the influence and endangering a child, according to court documents. Hagler, according to the state police, was “dazed and confused,” unable to spell her last name, and seemingly unaware that she had crashed the car into a concrete median.

The back seat passenger was her then-3-year-old daughter. According to the case files, Hagler’s sister was given custody of the girl.


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