Billy Bush Sexual Comment On Kendall Jenner

A fresh recording that was stolen from the set of Extra has surfaced online, in which it can be heard that Billy Bush made a sexual remark about the reality TV star Kendall Jenner. According to the Daily Beast, which received the audio, the host, who is 51 years old, was standing in front of a wall screen that displayed photographs of various female celebrities dressed in Halloween costumes.

Jenner, who is 27 years old, is depicted in the middle of the collage of famous people wearing a costume of Jesse, the primary female character in the Toy Story film franchise. In the recording, Bush can be heard asking the others in the room what they think the character’s name is. After being told by someone else, he gives an answer.

New Tape Leaked

The host of “Extra,” Billy Bush, may be heard on a new recording that was stolen from the set of the show making sexual comments about Kendall Jenner. His language is as foul as it was in the infamously stolen discussion he had with Donald Trump on the set of “Access Hollywood.”

On Friday, The Daily Beast reported that it had seen film of Bush discussing Jenner’s Halloween costume with production staff members during the taping of “Extra” on October 31. The conversation took place throughout the show. Before making a joke about the character Woody, he inquires about the name of the “Toy Story” figure that she was dressed up as for Halloween.

billy bush sexual comment on jenner

In the 30-second film, which the Daily Beast published with only the audio of, he can be heard saying, “Kendall goes as Jessie and, believe me, there were a lot of woodies.” The joke was met with laughs from a variety of sources when it was told.

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Came Out After Six Years

More than six years have passed since the conversation Jenner had with Donald Trump that was captured on a hot mic before the insult about Jenner was made. In October of 2016, Bush was fired from the Today show as a result of a videotape from 2005 that had been leaked to The Washington Post. On the videotape, Trump, who was hosting The Apprentice at the time, boasted to Bush about groping women, and Bush was recorded laughing at these inappropriate comments.

Billy Bush Heard Making Sexual Comment About Kendall Jenner

While Trump went on to become president, Bush had trouble finding work for a while, and his marriage of more than two decades ended in divorce. Trump, on the other hand, went on to become president. In a later interview with PEOPLE in 2018, Bush told the publication that he must “live with what he did that day” in reference to the damage that he had caused in the past.

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There was No Malicious Intent

“As with many forms of production in the entertainment industry, the show’s creative process offers the flexibility to test alternative jokes and banter. This was explained to us by a spokeswoman for Telepictures, the firm that produces the show,” “In the end, some material will not make it into the show, including remarks that may be too controversial to air on broadcast television,”

billy bush comment

It is widely known in Hollywood as the “Friends” case, and its purpose is to protect creatives’ use of free speech throughout the process of collaboration, which is exactly what was going on when Bush made the comment about Jenner, who is 27. The lawsuit is intended to protect creatives’ use of free speech. Page Six has been told by a source that “there was no malicious intent on Bush’s part as he was working through material in the show’s normal creative process.” This information is unique to Page Six.

To Conclude

Six years after his first hot moment controversy with former President Donald Trump, Billy Bush has been videotaped making another contentious harsh remark. In audio acquired by the Daily Beast on Friday, the 51-year-old “Extra” anchor can be heard making fun of Kendall Jenner’s “Toy Story”-inspired Halloween costume while filming the entertainment news programme. During the Oct. 31 recording, Bush cracks a joke about Woody, the main character in the Pixar movie, saying, “Kendall goes as Jessie and, trust me, there were a lot of woodies.”


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