Cage The Elephant singer Matthew Schultz busted for guns in NYC

Matt Shultz, the lead singer for the Grammy-winning rock band Cage the Elephant, was arrested in New York City after two firearms were found in his room at the Bowery Hotel.

Two counts of criminal possession of a weapon were brought against Shultz. According to Variety, he was found to be in possession of two firearms without the appropriate permits.

According to Daily Mail, a worker at the Bowery hotel in Lower Manhattan saw the singer bring a handgun into a shared bathroom on Wednesday night.

On Thursday morning, after receiving a 911 call, police went to Shultz’s house and recovered two guns (a Sig Sauer and a Smith & Wesson).

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Shultz Stayed The Night At The Lower Manhattan 9th Precinct

Two of Cage the Elephant’s albums, “Tell Me I’m Pretty” (2015) and “Social Cues” (2019), were recognized as the best rock albums of the year by the Recording Academy. The album was released by the group in 2013.

Shultz stayed the night at the Lower Manhattan 9th Precinct

Melophobia, which features the singles “Come a Little Closer” and “Cigarette Daydreams,” was up for best alternative music album. Their most recent performance was on November 20, 2022, at Wonderfront Music & Arts Festival in San Diego, California.

Cage the Elephant first appeared in 2006, but they became a staple of the alternative rock scene in the 2010s thanks to their songs “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked,” “Shake Me Down,” and “Trouble.”

The band initially formed in Bowling Green, Kentucky, before relocating to England in 2008. Their 2009 self-titled debut album became a commercial success in countries outside of the United States.

Shultz and his older brother Brad Shultz formed the band along with Jared Champion, Daniel Tichenor, and Lincoln Parish, who all left the group in 2013.

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Singer Of Cage The Elephant, Matt Shultz, Busted With Gun In New York

Thursday night, New York City police arrested Matt Shultz, lead singer of Grammy-winning rock band Cage the Elephant, after they found two firearms in his room at the Bowery Hotel. Shultz was charged twice with felony weapon possession. He had two firearms but no permit to legally possess them.

Singer of Cage the Elephant, Matt Shultz, Busted with Gun in New York

According to Daily Mail, a Bowery employee saw the singer bring a handgun into a lobby restroom on Wednesday night. Upon receiving a 911 call about stolen Sig Sauers and Smith & Wesson from Shultz’s residence on Thursday morning, police officers went to his residence and recovered the firearms.

The rock albums “Tell Me I’m Pretty” (2015) and “Social Cues” (2019) by Cage the Elephant, respectively, have won two Grammy Awards, the highest honor in the genre. Hit singles “Come a Little Closer” and “Cigarette Daydreams” were featured on the band’s 2013 album “Melophobia,” which was nominated for the best alternative music album.

Last Words

Cage Singer-guitarist Matthew Shultz of The Elephant was recently arrested for having a firearm in his possession. After discovering two loaded firearms in his room at the Bowery Hotel in Manhattan, police arrested Shultz on criminal firearms possession charges, as reported by the New York Post. There has been no word yet on how the police became aware of firearms.


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