Noah Schnapp Comes Out as Gay on TikTok

Noah Schnapp, who plays Dustin in Stranger Things, has finally come out as gay after years of being “scared.”The 18-year-old American actor broke the news to his followers via a video posted to TikTok, after first informing his loved ones.He wrote, “When I finally told my friends and family I was gay after being scared in the closet for 18 years, all they said was ‘we know.'”

He is seen in the video mimicking a woman’s voice as she repeats the phrase “You know, it never was that serious, it was never that serious, quite frankly we will never be that serious,” which is a popular meme on the app. Schnapp gained fame for his role as Will Byers on the smash Netflix series, which also starred Millie Bobby Brown, Winona Ryder, and David Harbour.

After the season four finale of Stranger Things aired (consisting of two episodes), he admitted that his character was gay and in love with his best friend Mike (Finn Wolfhard). Despite not being stated directly on-screen, Schnapp told the US publication Variety: “Season 1 gave a hint at it, suggesting its presence, but viewers were left in the dark. Due to his maturation, it is now blatantly obvious.”

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Schnapp, who plays Will Byers on Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things, said his character was “100%” gay after season four of the show aired.

Noah Schnapp Of Stranger Things Fame Comes Out As Gay In A Trending TikTok Video

With the caption, “When I finally told my friends and family I was gay after being scared in the closet for 18 years and all they said was ‘we know,'” Schnapp posted a video to TikTok in which he lip-synced to the audio of someone saying, “You know what it never was?” In a very serious way. Things never got that bad. Sincerity: “It’s not going to get that serious.”

With his maturing years, they’ve made it a stark reality for him. It’s now undeniable that he is gay and has feelings for Mike. However, the previous trajectory was much more gradual. As someone who knows how simple it is to make a character suddenly come out as gay, I find the execution of this plot point particularly moving.

Fan reaction to Will’s story has been positive, according to Schnapp: “I was just in Paris and this, like, a 40-year-old man came up to me and he was like, ‘Wow, this Will character made me feel so good. Moreover, I could identify with that. Wow, when I think back to my younger self, that’s pretty much spot on. Really, that made my day.

For the upcoming season, Schnapp hopes that Will’s sexuality will be discussed openly. There’s a lot they have to deal with. Naturally, we’re anticipating a coming-out scene,” he clarified.

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‘Noah Schnapp Gay At 18!’ The Young Man Exclaims

Schnapp fakes surprise by exclaiming “Oh my god!” as the camera pans around the room and focuses in on him. As of early on Friday, the parody video had 2.9 million views.

One user of the social media platform TikTok said, “nothing prepared me for Noah actually being there,” a sentiment that has been liked by more than 68,000 users. The video capitalized on the “fake celebrity death news” trend on the social media app, as pointed out by a number of commenters.

'Noah Schnapp Gay At 18!' The Young Man Exclaims

Since before the TikTok epidemic, Schnapp has been one of the platform’s biggest stars. Schnapp’s engagement with fans on TikTok has been an integral part of his young career, whether it be through his participation in dance trends with Netflix costar Millie Bobby Brown or through his appearance in the videos of his coworkers while he worked a summer job.

According to an interview he gave to Insider last year, Schnapp has seen jokes about his own “Stranger Things” character make it to his own TikTok For You page.

The fifth and final season of the Netflix hit “Stranger Things” will be his last as the show’s leading man. Will Byers, played by Schnapp, has a major plot thread that has yet to be resolved: he isn’t ready to come out as gay to his friends and family.

Final Words

It’s “so easy to make a character just like all of a sudden be gay,” Schnapp said, but, “I think it is done so beautifully.” In Paris, a man in his forties approached me and said, “Wow, this Will character made me feel so good. And I could identify with that so much. That’s me back when I was a kid.

That just made me so happy to hear. They’re doing such a great job of capturing this genuine character’s journey and the genuine difficulties they face. Season 5 of Stranger Things will be its last. Production has not yet begun.


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