Chicago Missing Woman Found, People Want Answers To Migrant Housing

A Chicago woman was located after she went missing from the suburb of Burbank early in the week, some residents of Chicago are demanding answers from Mayor Lori Lightfoot after the city approved a plan to house migrants in a former elementary school in Woodlawn, and a shocking surveillance video from 2018 showing a gang shootout on the South Side was released this week. Below are the top headlines-

Chicago Community want answers to Migrant Housing

They claim that they were not informed about the plan to house migrants in a building that formerly served as an elementary school, thus they are demanding answers from the city of Chicago. These residents live in one area in Chicago. Residents claim that they were caught off guard by the relocation, and they believe that there are other concerns within the neighbourhood that have to be addressed first.

A city official has confirmed that the building has recently undergone upgrades to accommodate the new residents, but he or she did not provide any other information on living arrangements or a schedule.

Members of the community are inquiring about the length of time migrants will be housed there, as well as whether or not there will be security and whether or not background checks would be undertaken. Residents are also curious as to why the city isn’t focusing its attention on neighbourhood crime, unemployment, and homelessness in the first place.

Son Stab Father to Death

police arrested son stab father

Officials believe that a son stabbed his father to death on New Year’s Eve in West Pullman. A guy was arrested and charged with murder after it was reported that he stabbed his father to death on New Year’s Eve in the West Pullman area. The victim was 64 years old. According to the Chicago police department and the Cook County medical examiner’s office, Calvin Rice, Jr., 27 years old, is accused of fatally stabbing Calvin Rice at approximately 9 p.m. in the 12100 block of South Emerald Avenue. The incident took place.

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Chicago Missing Woman Found

The hunt for a lady from Chicago who was reported missing earlier this week in Burbank has been called off. According to sources 22-year-old Desiree Brongel was located alive. There was no new information that could be obtained right away. The last time anyone saw her was early on Tuesday morning.

Chicago Missing Woman Found

Tuesday morning at 1:13 a.m., home surveillance video recorded Brongel making her way out of her Chicago property. At 1:48 in the morning, she appeared on another home video system located in the neighbourhood where Brongel’s ex-girlfriend lives. This time, she was on the 8500 block of Sayre Avenue in the Burbank neighbourhood of Burbank.

The video captures her peeking around the corner, and then all of a sudden she starts racing away from the camera. After that, her friends and relatives either did not hear from her or did not see her. The last time Brongel’s phone was used, it was at Tony’s Fresh Market in Bridgeview, which is located at 86th and Harlem Avenue.

Gang Shooter sentenced for 50 Years to Kill woman with kids

woman has 3 children shot dead

Two men were found guilty of the fatal shooting of a mother and her two young sons while they were shopping in Chicago. Tuesday saw the sentencing of two gang members, each of whom was given a term of more than 50 years in jail for their roles in the shooting death of a mother who was shopping with her young sons. On April 26, 2019, Candice Dickerson, a mother of three and a pharmacy technician at Norwegian American Hospital, was in a Metro PCS store seeking for a new cell phone to give to one of her sons as a reward for his success in school. She wanted to give him an upgrade to a more recent model of phone.

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Wild Video showing Gang Shootout Out

In a gunfight that took place in the Beverly area of Chicago’s South Side in 2018, competing gang members are seen exchanging gunfire in a recently leaked video. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Willie Glenn, 25, was one of those who opened fire in the chaotic incident that was captured on a security video on Dec. 18, 2018.

Wild Video showing Gang Shootout Out

Glenn received a sentence of almost five years in federal prison for both his involvement in the firefight and a related incident on June 21, 2021, in which he unlawfully had a machine gun in a stolen car. Six people are seen walking on the sidewalk in the 2018 footage as four of them pull out their weapons and begin firing down the street. The group hides behind parked cars and building facades, shooting while one victim is knocked to the ground.

One is down on the ground firing, another is firing as an SUV belonging to a rival gang drives past them. According to officials, at least one member of Willie’s gang was injured in the shooting.

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