Bre Tiesi Doesn't Want More Child With Nick Cannon

After the birth of her son Legendary with Nick Cannon, Bre Tiesi has decided that she does not want any more children or to be married. During a question and answer session on Instagram Story on Monday, the new star of “Selling Sunset” announced that she will have “one and done” following the arrival of her 6-month-old child in June 2022.

Tiesi, who is now 31 years old, stated, “Me and Ledgy for life,” and mentioned that she “always wanted to have kids.” The employee at Oppenheim Group stated that she does not consider herself to be a single mother when she was asked about the “expense” of being a single mother.

Bre Tiesi doesn’t want to get Married

Concerning her romantic involvement with Cannon, the model stated that she has “never” had the desire to be married. Tiesi explained that despite the fact that she and football player Johnny Manziel joined the knot in 2018, she “didn’t have a wedding or a dress.” The Netflix star continued by saying that she doesn’t think she will “alter [her] mind,” and that she also doesn’t see herself “falling in love” because she believes that to be a “bad” experience.

In January 2022, it was announced that Tiesi, who had been married to Manziel up until November 2021, was expecting a child with Cannon. The child would be their son. At that time, the actor already had a son with Alyssa Scott, as well as twins with Mariah Carey, twins with Brittany Bell, twins with Abby De La Rosa, and twins with Alyssa Scott.

Bre Tiesi doesn't want to get Married

Since then, Cannon, now 42 years old, has become the father of four children—one son with Bell, one daughter each with Scott, De La Rosa, and LaNisha Cole, and another son with Bell.

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Bre answers question about Motherhood & Son

Bre provided her responses to a number of questions that inquired about parenting and her kid, one of which inquired about the characteristics of his personality. “He’s such a happy baby always smiling and laughing, he’s very curious, zero fear, he knows what he wants and doesn’t make it clear,” she began with a laughing emoji.

Bre answers question about Motherhood & Son

“He’s very curious, zero fear, he knows what he wants and doesn’t make it clear.” When he strong arms you to get dressed, etc., he ain’t fooling around because he is so powerful that everyone comments on his grip. But Bre also mentioned that her firstborn child is “sooo kind” with her dog, despite the fact that he is strong.

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Bre always been a topic of Conversation for Years

For his part, Cannon has long been the subject of discussion because of his huge family. With his ex-wife Mariah Carey, the presenter of The Masked Singer is the father to 11-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan. He and Brittany Bell have three children together: Golden, 5; Powerful, 21 months; and Messiah, 3 months. Zion and Zillion, twins who are 19 months old, and daughter Beautiful, 2 months, are shared by the rapper and Abby De La Rosa.

Bre always been a topic of Conversation for Years

Son Zen was born to the Wild ‘n Out presenter and Alyssa Scott in June 2021, but the child fell suddenly from a brain tumour in December 2021. Late last month, the couple welcomed daughter Halo into their family. In addition, Cannon and LaNisha Cole share a 4-month-old baby named Onyx. Tiesi made waves in January 2022 when she revealed she was expecting a kid with 42-year-old Cannon. The couple gushed about the birth of their child six months later.

To Conclude

The game against Bre Tiesi is over. The star of Selling Sunset, who is now 31 years old and is the mother of Nick Cannon’s son Legendary Love, who is now 6 months old, appeared to her Instagram Story on Monday, January 9, to answer some questions from fans. One of the comments inquired if she wants to add more children to her family. She wrote, “Me and Ledgy for life,” which might be interpreted as a possible oblique way of expressing “No.”


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