Viral TikTok Video Raises Over $100,000

A customer interaction that went viral on social media led an 82-year-old Navy veteran working at a Walmart in Maryland to retire. Weeks after a Walmart customer entered the shop and recorded Butch Marion, an 82-year-old veteran, ringing up things in the checkout line and shared the video on TikTok, which collected over $100,000 for Marion, according to WTTG-TV, Marion formally retired from his position on Wednesday.

The Video Received Over 2 Million View

That client, bug elimination company owner Rory McCarty, had previously watched a TikTok video in which a woman entered a Walmart and recorded an elderly employee bagging groceries before putting the video online to solicit money for that employee. McCarty recorded a video of himself explaining the TikTok trend he had witnessed to Marion and placed it on TikTok in an effort to carry out a similar good deed. The video received over 2 million views on social media, and a GoFundMe was started to help Marion; it earned $108,000 and all of it was given to him on Wednesday in the form of a sizable check.

tik tok video goes viral

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The New Life

The first day of Butch Marion’s new life began on Wednesday. Marion said, “I feel like a new guy. He has ample reason to be happy. He recently received a check for $108,000 as a result of his kindness and timing. Marion responded, “This is just unbelievable.” Rory McCarty required some batteries three weeks ago. Rory McCarty is the one who makes the video of the man and uploaded on Tik Tok.

GoFundMe page To Raise the Funds

McCarty claimed on the GoFundMe website that he was motivated after watching a video of a fellow TikToker helping a senior Walmart employee who couldn’t afford to retire by raising money. He met Marion, who was serving as his cashier that day, while making a battery purchase at the Cumberland store.

On GoFundMe, McCarty stated, “I wanted to help this Navy veteran enjoy the remainder of his years travelling to see his kids in Florida.” “Get him off his feet for periods of eight hours. And carry out the activities he would like to but might not be able to due to financial constraints.” The GoFundMe has received an additional $12,500 in donations since Marion retired.

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$108,000 Check for the Man

$108,000 check for men

McCarty visited the Walmart in Cumberland, Maryland, where he encountered Butch Marion, the checkout clerk. A frequent TikTok user, McCarty had just watched a video on the app where a woman launched a GoFundMe to support the early retirement of another Walmart employee. When McCarty purchased his batteries, he thought Marion, 82, may stand to gain significantly. Rory McCarty was ready to hand Butch Marion the $108,000 check when he left Walmart on Wednesday for good.

The money will be used to Pay Off Debts, A Trip & More

Marion put in around 30 hours every week at work. He took early retirement to assist in caring for his ex-husband wife’s before he passed away. Later, he went back to his job at Walmart. The money, according to Marion, will be used to pay off debts, giving him more freedom to unwind, and provide him with the resources for a three-week trip to Florida to visit kids and grandchildren he hasn’t seen in a long time.

To Conclude

A GoFundMe campaign that generated more than $100,000 for an 82-year-old man allowed him to finally retire from his job at Walmart last week. Rory McCarty, a customer at a Walmart in Maryland, struck up a conversation with Butch Marion and inquired about his life. With his adorable videos of Marion swiftly becoming popular on TikTok, McCarty decided to start a GoFundMe page to provide the U.S. Navy veteran with financial support after his first video garnered millions of views.


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