Idaho Quadruple Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger's Tinder Date Pretended To Throw Up To Get Away From Him

When asked about the recent murders of four students at the University of Idaho, Hayley Willette admitted that she had not been following the case closely until last week, when she came across a news article about the gruesome crime.

Willette, a 26-year-old OB/GYN nurse, was reading a local Pennsylvania newspaper when she saw Bryan Kohberger’s mugshot, along with details about his arrest on December 30. Then she claims to have remembered that Kohberger was the man she had an awkward Tinder date with back in December of 2015 when she was still a college student.

I recognized him in the booking photo. Willette told The Daily Beast, “He just has one of those faces that stays with you.”

Willette said that she and Kohberger saw an action film together after they matched on Tinder, and then he drove her back to her dorm at Penn State Hazleton. She claimed that after they returned to campus and had a brief conversation in his car, Kohberger “started being really pushy about coming” into her room to watch another movie. She claimed that she agreed at first, but then changed her mind and pretended to “loudly throw up” in the restroom before Kohberger, who she claimed to have been waiting for outside the door, left.

She continued, “He messaged me and said I had good birthing hips after he had been gone for an hour or so, but I never responded.”

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Beginning on Sunday night, Willette posted a series of TikToks in which she described her bizarre date with one of the most infamous murder suspects in America. Attempts to contact Kohberger’s attorneys for comment were met with silence.

Kohberger “Got Super Serious” In Response To Her Accusation And Flatly Denied Ever Touching Her

On Tuesday, more than 1.3 million people watched Hayley’s TikTok video. I told him, “You are, but he insisted, “I’m not touching you.” She said, “It’s weird that he’s trying to gaslight me into thinking he didn’t touch me.”

Kohberger Got Super Serious In Response To Her Accusation And Flatly Denied Ever Touching Her

At this point, Hayley claims, she had to use the common bathroom and left the room to go, only to have Kohberger follow her. He didn’t come in with me, but he seemed to be standing outside the door the whole time. “I just found that to be odd,” she explained.

Hayley claims that she faked being sick in order to get Kohberger to leave because she was too shy to ask him to leave.

That I asked him to leave wasn’t because I was afraid he would hurt me or that he was a threat in any way. Simply put, it was because I am uncomfortable in new situations. Hayley said, “I didn’t know how to ask him to leave.

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Allegedly, Kohberger Then Sent A Tinder Message To Hayley Saying He Was Leaving

Hayley claimed that after her plan was successful, Kohberger texted her that she had “good birthing hips.”At the end of her video, she said, “So I never talked to him [again].”

In an interview with The Post, Hayley explained that she felt compelled to tell the tale because “it could have been so much different.”

Allegedly, Kohberger Then Sent A Tinder Message To Hayley Saying He Was Leaving

Even compared to other Tinder dates I’ve been on, my one with Bryan wasn’t the creepiest or scariest. If any young women read this and feel empowered by my story, I hope they remember the importance of being careful when meeting strangers online.

After the brutal stabbing deaths of four people, ages 20 to 21, Kohberger, a doctoral student in criminology at Washington State University, was charged with four counts of murder. The victims were identified as Ethan Chapin, 20, Xana Kernodle, 20, Madison Mogen, 21, and Kaylee Goncalves, 21.

At the time of the bombings, the four friends were all enrolled at the University of Idaho in nearby Moscow. They had been out partying on the night of November 13 and had just returned to their off-campus house when the killer struck at 4 a.m.

Two other roommates in the house made it out safely, though one of them had a terrifying encounter with the black-clad, masked killer as he was leaving the house and remained frozen the whole way.

The FBI’s Forensics Expert Determined That The Vehicle Was Most Likely An Elantra Produced By Hyundai Between 2011 And 2013

Additional tantalizing details were captured on camera at Washington State University. According to the affidavit, a vehicle matching this description left town at around 3 a.m. on the day of the murders and was later captured on surveillance footage in Pullman at around 5:30 a.m.

The FBI's Forensics Expert Determined That The Vehicle Was Most Likely An Elantra Produced By Hyundai Between 2011 And 2013

On November 25th, police in Moscow contacted their counterparts in neighboring jurisdictions, asking them to keep an eye out for a white Elantra. A WSU police officer searched the campus database three nights later for a white Elantra.

One was found to be registered to Kohberger in Pennsylvania and carry his license plate. In less than half an hour, a second campus police officer tracked down the car to Kohberger’s complex. It was reported to have Washington license plates. The affidavit stated that Kohberger had moved the registration from his home state of Pennsylvania to the state of Washington five days after the murders.

Final Words

DNA, cellphone, and vehicle data all point to Kohberger, and he made his initial court appearance in Idaho last Thursday; he is currently being held in Latah County Jail.

On December 30, seven weeks after the gruesome murders in Moscow, Washington, which occurred about 10 miles from the Pullman campus of Washington State University, he was arrested after authorities raided his family’s Pennsylvania home.


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