father pled guilty to kill son

According to what Investigators have found, a man will be punished later this month for assaulting and murdering his son in 2017. The incident occurred in 2017. Paul Jones, who is 39 years old, entered a guilty plea to one count of first-degree murder as well as two felony counts of child abuse, neglect, and endangerment.

Man to get sentenced between 12 to 48 years

According to the court documents that the Investigators were able to get, Jones is requesting a sentence ranging from 12 to 48 years in jail, but the prosecutors are pointing to many options, including life in prison with the chance of release after 20 years.

In April of 2017, the body of Aaron Jones, who was 13 years old at the time, was discovered in a desert area close to Boulder Highway and Sahara Avenue. Paul Jones struck his son, causing the child to fall to the ground and strike his skull on the surface below.

man sentenced for 12 to 48 years

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Father abuse the Son

According to a sentencing memorandum that was produced by a professional psychologist and submitted by the defence on behalf of the defendant, Jones first put the child in the shower before burying his body after observing that the youngster had stopped breathing.

According to Paul Jones, the murder was carried out in February of 2017. It was not until two months later that Aaron Jones’s disappearance was reported. The abuse that Aaron Jones endured at the hands of his father over a prolonged period of time was later exposed by other members of the family.

Father abuse the Son

Not allowed kid to eat or sleep

This included forcing the boy to stand against a wall with his arms above his head, hitting him, forcing Aaron to remain in soiled clothes, inciting other children to mock Aaron, and not allowing Aaron to eat or sleep for days on end. Aaron was also forced to remain in soiled clothes. According to the records, this took place in a home with only one bedroom that also housed eleven other children.

In 2018, the mother of Aaron Jones, Dijonay Thomas, initiated legal action against Aaron’s father, Paul Jones, as well as the Clark County Department of Family Services. It was official business that Aaron Jones would now be living with his father rather than with his mother. This occurred when Paul Jones was on probation for the abuse he had committed against children.

kid assault

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Guilty Plea withdrawal request Declined

During an interview in 2019, Thomas told the investigators from 8 News Now that “it’s not anything I would ever understand.” Thomas made this statement. The litigation is still active. In the criminal case, Paul Jones requested that the judge allow him to withdraw his guilty plea, but the judge declined his request. The date set for the delivery of the sentence is January 26.

The legal team representing Jones brings out a number of obstacles that he has overcome in his life, such as the physical and sexual abuse he endured as a youngster, the instability of his family life, and his struggles with mental illness.

To Conclude

A man, 39 years old, has been found guilty for assault and killed his 13 years old child. This incident happens in 2017. According to reports the man will get a sentenced between 12 to 48 years. This is all the information we has now.


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