when does league season 13 start

Typically, the ranked season will begin a day or two after the first patch of the year goes live. Now that we know when the first 2023 patch will be released, we can also pinpoint when the 13th-ranked season will begin.

League of Legends has distinct “seasons.” Every year a new season begins, and with it comes a whole new set of challenges as we strive to climb as high as possible on the League of Legends ranked ladder. Riot will be making some significant changes to the ranked system this year, but these adjustments will not delay the season’s start date.

Now that we know when the LoL patches will go live in 2023, we can look into when Season 13 will begin. Since the last season ended, we’ve been itching to play some ranked games, right?

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LoL Season 13: Start Date

On January 10, 2023, the first update of the year will be released. We also know that around that time, there will be a massive two-day event commemorating the beginning of a new season of League of Legends.

LoL Season 13 Start Date

Updated Patch Notes for League of Legends for 2023A January 11th, 2023, the start date was announced by Riot for the ranked season.

Check out the League of Legends development team on Twitter if you need to know the precise launch window for your region. Around 5:00 AM GMT, EUW players will be able to play ranked games, while NA players will be able to do so at 3:00 AM PST.

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What’s New In League Of Legends Season 13?

In 2023, the game League of Legends will undergo a number of significant changes. Here at GGRecon, we have discussed many of the upcoming alterations, including the Aurelion Sol rework for League of Legends that will be implemented early in the season. The changes to the League of Legends rank reset are substantial and will have far-reaching consequences for the game’s ranked mode.

The season begins with League of Legends patch 13.1, so if you’re interested in learning more about the upcoming patches and changes, I recommend reading the patch notes for that patch. Season 13 is just getting started, and there is already a lot to look forward to.

For more on when Season 13 of League of Legends will begin, check out our previous coverage. Check out some of the best jungle champions in League of Legends Season 13 to learn more about the game.

League Of Legends Ranked Reset In 2023

Your position will also be reset to zero at the beginning of the season. Riot has not yet made any announcement regarding the ranked resets in 2023, despite the fact that they chose to make the resets for Season 12 a little harsher.

We can expect two smaller splits in rankings instead of one large one in 2023. It was announced earlier this month that we would be receiving additional ranked rewards in 2023, so we already know that this is happening.

You can find your place in the meta by competing in placement matches before the ranked reset, so finding good allies will be crucial to getting off to a high rank in the new season.

New Skills In League Of Legends Aurelion Sol

As was previously mentioned, this is essentially a remake of Aurelion Sol. This means that he no longer possesses any of his former skills and has instead received an entirely new set of equipment. The new skills need to be dissected.

New Skills In League Of Legends Aurelion Sol
  • Cosmic Creator is a passive ability that causes Stardust to be generated whenever Aurelion Sol deals damage. All of Aurelion Sol’s strengths are enhanced as it gathers Stardust.
  • Breath of Light (Q) – Aurelion Sol breathes fire in a straight line, dealing full damage to the first enemy hit and lessened splash damage to others. Breath of Light deals extra damage in bursts for every second it is active. You can earn Stardust from these bursts, and the more you have, the more damage each one does.
  • The Aurelion Sol’s astral flight ability, “W,” allows the user to travel to a specific location and return there. Flying makes Aurelion Sol more obvious to enemies, but also allows him to bypass obstacles and use his other abilities. If you use Breath of Light while airborne, it will deal more damage and has no cooldown. Astral travel can cover more ground with every bit of Stardust amassed. Each time Aurelion Sol deals damage to an opponent and that opponent dies, the amount of time it takes for Astral Flight to recharge decreases.
  • To use the ability “E: Singularity,” Aurelion Sol creates a black hole on the ground. Any foes that get too close to this black hole will suffer damage. Any opponent with a health bar below a certain threshold that falls into the black hole’s center will perish instantly. The ability generates Stardust for each enemy killed by Singularity and for each second an enemy is caught in it. The Singularity grows larger and a higher percentage of health is required before it will execute an opponent as more Stardust is added.
  • Falling Star and The Skies Descend are the two forms of Aurelion Sol’s ultimate ability. After Aurelion Sol has amassed 75 Stardust, he will use the ultimate ability of The Skies Descend.
  • With his Falling Star ability, Aurelion Sol crashes a star into the ground, stunning anyone caught in the blast and dealing damage to a circular area around it. Stardust is increased for every enemy Champion that Falling Star destroys. If Aurelion Sol had more stardust, the Falling Star would travel farther.

Last Words

If you are playing a Ranked League of Legends game on November 14, 2022, and you are on the Loading Screen (out of Champ Select) at 11:59:59 PM in your local server time, then that will be the last game that counts towards your rewards.


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