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A rainy Friday morning on a rather unremarkable Bronx street. However, the story changes drastically once you step inside the short, functionalist complex of buildings.

The halls are filled with stoic, extravagantly coiffed figures wearing wigs, sequins, and 1970s-style block-color suits. Meanwhile, MC Pray Tell (recent Emmy winner Billy Porter) struts around in a lavish getup fit for a pearly king as a troupe of slim dancers in garish-glamorous leisurewear lazily limber up. Powerful television hitmaker Ryan Murphy is smack dab in the middle of it all, beneath the biggest disco ball imaginable.

On the set of Murphy’s newest attempt to capture the zeitgeist through a story from the recent past, Pose (co-created with long-time collaborator Brad Falchuk), which is set in the New York underground ballroom scene of the late 1980s.

The 2018 mega-deal Murphy signed with Netflix cemented his status as “the most powerful man in TV,” but he earned that title by producing ground-breaking shows about and starring people who mainstream media has ignored.

Five of the lead roles in Pose are played by transgender women (Indya Moore, Mj Rodriguez, Dominique Jackson, Hailie Sahar, and Angelica Ross), and the show also features an ensemble cast of 45 trans performers, the most ever in a scripted television series.

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The second season is set eighteen months later, in the summer of 1990, when Madonna’s Vogue was at the top of the charts and ballroom dancing was becoming increasingly popular. But it was also the time when the HIV/AIDS crisis reached New York City’s gay and bisexual community.

Murphy Discussed His Intentional Pursuit Of Telling Queer Stories In An Interview With The Guardian In 2020

He explains, “I only wrote or created shows that I really wanted to watch, so they inevitably had gay characters, trans characters, and minorities.” And I gave them the main roles instead of the supporting ones, just like I had to play in real life.

Murphy discussed his intentional pursuit of telling queer stories in an interview with the Guardian in 2020.

Yet, Murphy has shown a worrying interest in crime and trauma documentaries in recent years. The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story is a great example of this, as it successfully uses factual material to provide a nuanced critique of the flaws in the legal system.

But in Monster, Murphy and co.’s stated intention to center Dahmer’s victims is overshadowed by their apparent lack of even checking in with those victims, not to mention Murphy’s incessant need for a flashy central performance, in this case from one of his regulars, Evan Peters.

You may have noticed that I singled out Murphy, even though he often collaborates with co-creators and writers like Brennan and Falchuk. This is because Murphy has established a distinct style and produces a great deal of television.

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While Brennan and Falchuk prefer to remain in the background, Murphy has been vocal about that brand, even going so far as to detail his constant stream of new projects and work process in a lengthy profile in The New Yorker in 2018.

The flashy summary reads like a recipe for a Ryan Murphy production, suggesting that American Horror Story: New York will be more of the same (complete with a suspiciously white cast list full of Murphy favorites like Zachary Quinto and Billie Lourd). As is customary for an AHS film, there will be shocking outfits, some scary images, and clumsy queer plots. In addition, Murphy is still involved, as he shares writing credit for the pilot episode of AHS: New York with Falchuk.

Is Ryan Murphy Gay? 

The name Ryan Murphy is well-known in the entertainment industry thanks to the work he has done as a television writer, director, and producer. The question of his sexuality has piqued the interest of many. In this piece, I’ll discuss the evidence that points to Ryan Murphy being gay.

Is Ryan Murphy Gay

It is established first that Ryan Murphy is gay. His openness about his sexuality and the ways in which it has influenced his work are discussed in these accounts. For instance, it is stated that he is making a series about old Hollywood but “zhuzh” it a little by making it gay and that he is adapting a groundbreaking LGBTQ Broadway play into a Netflix film.

Ryan Murphy’s parents “cured” him of his homosexuality when he was a teen, as is mentioned in the story. He has been open about discussing this life-changing event, which has undoubtedly had far-reaching effects on his personal and professional development.

Final Words

Murphy started working on the series because he wanted to do the exact opposite of what he had done before. A quote from what he had to say: “Since I had previously worked on the lighthearted series Nip/Tuck,

the transition to the more serious Glee was a natural one. And, like Brad, I’ve always been a sucker for a good horror story. For me, that meant it came easily.”


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