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Billy Porter and Adam Porter-Smith, his husband, reconciled. The Pose star and Porter-Smith first met at a dinner party in 2009. However, after seven months of dating, they broke up and didn’t get back together for another five years.

The couple didn’t waste any time getting hitched again, doing so only 16 days after getting engaged in January 2017. Since then, Porter-Smith has attended many of her husband’s award ceremonies and celebrated many of his own with him on the red carpet.

Soon after their wedding, Porter told, “Now I know what love looks like, and it just walked out the door.” “Before then, I had no idea what it looked like; afterward, I thought, “Oh, s—-, that’s the one that got away!” However, now that I know what to expect, I can better prepare myself for it the next time it appears. I had no idea it would be the same person, but I’m glad it was!”

Everything you ever wanted to know about Adam Porter-Smith and Billy Porter, from their chance meeting through mutual friends to their wedding, is right here.

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He First Encountered Porter At A Social Gathering

He First Encountered Porter At A Social Gathering

It was at a dinner in February of 2009 that Porter and Porter-Smith first met each other. They clicked instantly; it turned out that their strategically placed seats had nothing to do with their instant rapport.

I was cruising him as he walked up the street, and he turned around and joined us! in January of 2017, Porter told PEOPLE. To which she responded, “Oh well, I’ll be sittin’ next to this handsome specimen tonight!”

In 2010, He Ended His Relationship With Her

Sparks flew between Porter and Porter-Smith at the restaurant, and the two soon began dating. “We kind of were enamored with each other from the beginning,” Porter-Smith said after the wedding.

In 2010, He Ended His Relationship With Her

After about seven months together, Porter-Smith and the actor “imploded,” and she ended the relationship.

We were “both sorting things out,” as Porter put it. “When we first started dating, we thought we were just “hanging out,” but after seven months, we realized that it was definitely more than that.

Unfortunately, it kind of imploded because we weren’t aware of it.”Although they were no longer together, they remained close friends.

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A Reconciliation With Porter Occurred In 2015

After five years of being apart, Porter and Porter-Smith decided to give their relationship another try. My love for him, and the process of understanding and accepting that love, had been percolating inside of me for a long time, Porter-Smith said. It was clear that if I wanted to effect any kind of change, it was up to me to bring it up, and I spent some time thinking about when would be the best time to do so.

A Reconciliation With Porter Occurred In 2015

On Porter-birthday Smith’s in 2015, the two rekindled their relationship over brunch and a joint viewing of Hamilton at the Public Theatre. Porter-Smith explained, “Billy reached over and held my hand, and I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m going to tell him today.'”

Porter further elucidated, “I felt the tears coming, and I pulled over to let him finish. He said, “I love you, and I’ve always loved you, and if there’s any chance, I would like another shot — I would like us to have another shot at this.” It wasn’t difficult because he was the one who escaped. The answer was an instant yes.”

They’re Frequently Seen Together On The Red Carpet

Since their 2017 wedding, Porter has been known for his daring red carpet-looks, and Porter-Smith has accompanied his husband to various Hollywood events.

At the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards in September 2021, Porter and Porter-Smith wore identical black gowns. Porter wore shiny jewelry that stood out against his all-black ensemble, which featured stunning wing-like panels, while Porter-Smith wore a black snakeskin tux jacket and black bow tie.

Porter took Porter-Smith to the 2022 Grammy Awards, where Porter wore a fuchsia Valentino dress with matching gloves, a sparkly clutch, and blue lipstick. On the red carpet, Porter-Smith stood beside him in a black metallic suit. A selfie of the two of them was posted by the Pose star with the caption “Go time! @recordingacademy #Grammys.”

Final Words

For his role as the lead in all three seasons of the Netflix series Pose, Porter received three Golden Globe Award nominations and the 2019 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, making history as the first openly gay black actor to be nominated for and win in any lead acting category at the Primetime Emmys.


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