National Marzipan Day

Marzipan, a delicious and light treat made of a fairly unusual combination of sugar and almond meal, often accented with almond extract. It has been used in all varieties of sweets and treats, and manages to be both kosher and appropriate for Lent. Its excellent mutability makes it popular for themed cakes and confections, as it can be molded into just about anything.

During the rest of the year, it’s often found served with chocolate, making it a powerfully decadent treat that’s more than a little loved by its fans.

It is a sweet and versatile confection made from ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites, has been a beloved treat for centuries. Originating in the Middle East and spreading throughout Europe and beyond, marzipan has become a staple in confectionery traditions around the world. January 12th is National Marzipan Day, a day to celebrate and indulge in this delicious delicacy.


Marzipan can be traced back to the Middle East, where it was first made by the ancient Egyptians and Persians. The word “marzipan” is believed to have originated from the Arabic word “mawthaban,” which means “confection made from ground nuts.” It was later introduced to Europe by the Moors in the Middle Ages and quickly became popular in countries like Germany, Italy, and Spain. Marzipan was even mentioned in literature as far back as the 14th century.


Marzipan was originally a luxury item, as the ingredients used to make it were expensive. However, as sugar became more affordable in the 18th and 19th centuries, marzipan became more accessible to the masses. Today, marzipan is enjoyed by people all over the world and is a beloved ingredient in many traditional confectionery recipes.

How to celebrate National Marzipan Day:

Like most food based holidays, the best way to celebrate National Marzipan Day is to just dive right in and indulge yourself in this delightful confection. You can really get into it and buy premade marzipan that hasn’t yet set, and really stretch your creativity by creating all manner of marzipan creations. It’s delicious, and capable of being shaped into any number of fun and interesting shapes, mix in some food coloring and things can get really wild!

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How to celebrate National Marzipan Day

Towering cakes have been made, encased in a marzipan wrap. Fake fruits filled with jellies and preserves, or even thin marzipan outer wraps filled with all manner of fruit and creams. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can even host a marzipan feast in your home, where everyone comes together to create the most interesting, most intricate, or just plain tastiest marzipan creation of the night! Once it’s all over, you can lie around in your sugar induced coma, and start dreaming of next year’s creation.

Types of Marzipan:

Marzipan can come in many different forms, from simple marzipan bars to more elaborate creations. Some popular types of marzipan include:

Traditional marzipan:

This is the classic form of marzipan, made from ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites. It is often shaped into bars, logs, or balls, and is often used as a base for other marzipan creations.

Types of Marzipan

Flavored marzipan:

Traditional marzipan can be flavored with various ingredients such as chocolate, fruit, nuts, and spices to create different flavors. Popular flavored marzipan include chocolate marzipan, almond marzipan and lemon marzipan.

Marzipan fruits:

Marzipan can be shaped and colored to resemble various fruits such as lemons, oranges, and apples. These marzipan fruits are often used as decorations for cakes and pastries.

Marzipan figurines:

Marzipan can be sculpted and shaped into various figures, such as animals, flowers, and even people. These marzipan figurines are often used to decorate cakes and pastries and are popular in the countries like Germany, Italy and Spain.

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Uses of Marzipan

Marzipan is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a wide variety of sweet treats. Some popular ways to use marzipan include:

As a filling:

Marzipan is often used as a filling for cakes and pastries.

As a coating:

Marzipan can be used to coat cakes and pastries for a sweet and nutty crunch.
In confectionery:

Marzipan can be used to make candies and chocolates.

As decorations:

Marzipan can be shaped and molded into various shapes and used as decorations for cakes and pastries.

Ingredients and Production:

Marzipan is made from ground almonds, sugar, and water. The almonds are ground to a fine paste, and then mixed with sugar and water to form a dough. The dough is then shaped and decorated, and can be colored or flavored as desired.
Marzipan is naturally gluten-free, and today a variety of ingredients and flavors are added to marzipan from fruit purees to cocoa powder.

The production process of marzipan is relatively simple and can be done by hand or with the use of machines. The ingredients are mixed together, and then kneaded to form a dough. The dough is then shaped into various forms, such as logs or balls, and sometimes colored or flavored. After shaping, the marzipan is left to dry for a few days before being packaged and sold.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How is marzipan made?

Confectioners begin by cleaning raw almonds through various methods. Then they immerse the almonds in water simmering just below the boiling point. This step loosens the almond skins for easy removal. The final steps include cooking and grinding the almonds into almond flour mixed with sugar. For additional sweetness and binding, confectioners add corn syrup or another binder before molding.

How does marzipan taste?

As you can imagine, marzipan tastes sweet and nutty.

Are almond paste and marzipan the same thing?

No. However, they are made with the same ingredients. Marzipan is sweeter than almond paste due to the almond/sugar ratio. Grocery stores offer both items ready-made.

What is the significance of National Marzipan Day?

National Marzipan Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the sweet and versatile confection made from ground almonds, sugar, and water. January 12th is the official National Marzipan Day in the United States. This day is a great opportunity to learn more about marzipan and discover new ways to enjoy this delicious treat.


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