where is the tornado in kentucky right now

The National Weather Service issued severe weather alerts Thursday after a powerful thunderstorm hit Lexington and other counties in Central Kentucky.

At least until 1 PM today, the National Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm watch for the following Kentucky counties: Fayette, Bourbon, Clark, Garrard, Harrison, Jessamine, Madison, Nicholas, and Scott.

The area that is now known as Fayette County was once under a tornado watch. The storm is expected to hit several counties in Eastern Kentucky, which are currently under a severe thunderstorm watch.

The National Weather Service has warned that strong winds are the biggest concern with this storm. According to the NWS, there is also the potential for a few isolated tornadoes and hailstorms.

The National Weather Service predicts an inch or so of rain will fall. After the storm passes, a cold front will bring freezing conditions. There’s a chance of snow showers through Friday night.

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The NWS Estimates That The Maximum Wind Speeds Of The Tornado Were 90 mph

In Henry County, the surveyors’ work continues. The NWS has also said it will assess the damage in Madison County.

2:45 p.m. – Several homes in Mercer County were severely damaged by the tornado. Heather Long, a local resident, said she was at work when the storm hit and came home the next morning to assess the damage.

The NWS Estimates That The Maximum Wind Speeds Of The Tornado Were 90 mph

“My neighbor actually called me and wanted to make sure that we weren’t home because she was concerned because we also have two young children,” she said.

We lost everything in our garage,” she sobbed. Damage estimates put the cost of repairs at “quite a bit,” with homeowners saying things like,

“We’re going to have to replace siding, and we’re going to have to replace our roof.” While it was “devastating to see,” Long noted that she was thankful no one was home at the time and that the community had been very helpful so far.

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Most Of Mercer County Is Back On Line With Electricity

2 p.m. — Only 115 people in Mercer County are without electricity at this time, according to poweroutages.us. When the storm first hit, it knocked out power to over 5,000 people. The number of reported power outages in Owen County has remained stable in recent hours, at 1,346.

Most Of Mercer County Is Back On Line With Electricity

1:15 p.m. — According to Debrah Pierce, CEO and office manager of the Mercer Area Family Education and Wellness building, there have been no reported injuries. According to Pierce, there were about 25 people in the building,

including children, when the storm hit. She said the kids and staff hid in a closet, put blankets over their heads, and played games to stay calm. Before this happened on Thursday, “they were sequestered in a safe place, and we just went over all of our emergency drills on Monday,” Pierce said. We were well-prepared for the situation.

Because the facility lost power during the storm, the children were evacuated after it ended. Pierce estimated that the power was back on at 12:15 p.m. Pierce will likely be closed on Thursday and Monday until the roof is fixed. The covering was peeled back, but the roof itself is still there. The heavy rains, according to her, do cause some water to leak down onto the gym floor.

Understanding The Recent Deadly Tornado Outbreak

Tornadoes claimed lives in Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, and Tennessee, but Governor Andy Beshear of Kentucky reported on Sunday that at least four counties there had double-digit casualty totals.

Over eight people were killed when a candle factory in Mayfield, Kentucky, was destroyed. CEO of the company that runs the factory, Mayfield Consumer Products, Troy Propes, reported Sunday night that six more workers had gone missing.

At least six people were killed and many others were injured when the walls and roof of an Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville, Illinois, collapsed due to a tornado. On Monday, rescuers hoped to resume their search for possible victims.

Authorities have named the victims of the Amazon warehouse shooting as Deandre Morrow, 28, Kevin Dickey, 62, Clayton Lynn Cope, 29, Etheria Hebb, 34, Larry Virden, 46, and Austin McEwen, 26.

In Tennessee, four lives were lost at the very least. In Monette, Arkansas, a 94-year-old man was found dead in a nursing home, and in nearby Leachville, Arkansas, a woman was found dead at a Dollar General. Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson estimated hundreds of homes were “totally destroyed” due to the storm.

Homes And Lives Were Destroyed In An Instant In One Kentucky City

Amy Moore’s house in Bowling Green, Kentucky, sounded like a cowbell on Saturday morning as her phone rang with a plethora of alerts. They both got out of bed after she jolted her husband awake.

Homes And Lives Were Destroyed In An Instant In One Kentucky City

To find out what was going on, they tuned in to the news. But then WBKO went black, and that’s when I knew something was wrong,” recalled Ms. Moore, 33, a customer service supervisor.

Brad, her court security officer husband for the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, opened the front door to see if the storm was outside, but it was too dark.

Bowling Green is the third-largest city in Kentucky, but its residents were unaware that a tornado had already struck the city center. Also, it was heading in the direction of their house on Nutwood Street. It sounded like a train whistle and was getting closer and closer as they listened.

Two huskies and an Australian shepherd were bundled into the hallway closet. Mrs. Moore encircled the dogs with her arms, and Brad climbed on top of his mother.


The National Weather Service in Louisville reports that the tornado stopped four miles west of McDaniels, Kentucky, at 11:45 p.m. (CST) (Breckinridge County). A preliminary report from the Paducah office of the National Weather Service indicates that the tornado caused EF-4 damage and had a maximum wind speed of around 190 miles per hour. A mile or more could have been covered by the path of the tornado.


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