where is tila tequila now

Tila Tequila may be a MySpace relic at this point, but her impact on the 2000s is undeniable. It appeared that her only motivation was to become a recognized public figure, and her efforts paid off. The tiny celebrity kept herself in the public eye for years by associating herself with fad after fad that didn’t last.

At the age of 19, a Playboy scout spotted her in a shopping mall, and she finally got her big break. But it wasn’t until 2003, when she signed up for MySpace, that her fame really took off. Over 30 million people have viewed her page thanks to a few risqué songs and a few bikini photos.

Time magazine crowned her the “queen of the social networking site” in 2006. She said that she was popular because she was easy to talk to. As a matter of fact, legend has it that Tila would call a different fan every day just to chat.

However, not everyone appreciated her bold nature. In 2013, she did something that earned her a blacklist from major media outlets. Discover where Tila Tequila is and what she’s up to now that she’s no longer a public figure.

Who Is Tila Tequila?

The tila, the whose given name is Nguyn Th Thiên Thanh, is a model, singer, TV host, songwriter, social media star, actress, writer, blogger, and vlogger.

Who Is Tila Tequila

Myspace, an obsolete social networking site, was the platform that propelled her into the public eye. When exactly did Tila Tequila begin to gain widespread attention? Early in the millennium, she rose to prominence on the social networking site Myspace, where she eventually became its most popular user.

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What Is Tila Tequila’s Nationality?

She is proud to call Singapore her home. After her parents fled the Vietnam War and landed in Singapore, she was born there.

What Is Tila Tequila's Nationality

Her family moved to Houston, Texas, USA, when she was one year old, and that is where she spent the rest of her childhood. The Houston suburb where she now lives is a Buddhist enclave that happily accepted her and her family.

She lived with her community-based family until she was eight years old. The current whereabouts of Tila Tequila is unknown. Until this day, she has been calling the United States home.

Tila And Her Two Daughters And Unknown Husband Lead A Cloaked Existence

Tequila became famous online and did everything she could to keep her viral status. The last time we checked in with Tila on Instagram and YouTube, she had rebranded as Tornado Thien. Fans were concerned for her well-being after she posted a series of shocking rants about serving God.

Tila And Her Two Daughters And Unknown Husband Lead A Cloaked Existence

When Tila was last active online, she started a GoFundMe to raise money for a gospel album. Tequila revealed the new project in a YouTube live stream, where she also claimed that a “message from up above” had motivated her to make music again.

She explained that God had told her to go make a record for him in his kingdom. Tila insisted that she was not motivated by a desire for notoriety or wealth, but rather by a desire to do God’s will. She said the album would be “outlandishly foolish and funny” and in line with God’s will.

Tequila had hoped to collect $30,000, but only managed to collect $5,800. Tequila’s gospel album was never released, possibly due to a lack of funding but likely for other reasons.

In addition, she took her first break from the web in almost 20 years. It’s likely that Isabella and Annabelle, her two young daughters, and her mysterious husband occupy the majority of her thoughts.

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By the end of December 2019, Tequila and Isabella’s father, Thomas Whitaker, had reached a custody agreement, putting an end to their protracted custody battle. Tila has primary physical custody, but the court ordered that the two of them share custody.

Thomas claimed that Tila had abandoned their children. Tequila shot back by accusing Thomas of lying and promising him a divine punishment. I ask myself, “How can she be neglected when I spend all day every day with her and we live with my parents, who also help with her care?” The Tila informed The Blast.

What Is Tila Tequila Doing Now?

Legit claims that Tila Tequila has two kids. Nguyen’s twins, Isabella Monroe and Anabelle, were born on November 16, 2014, and August 2018, respectively.

Tila has been banned from several social media sites for her outspoken beliefs, so now she focuses on her YouTube channel, Tila Tequila Hidden Bride Of Christ (@TilaTequilaOfficial). TILA TA-KILL-YA is just one of the many monikers that have been used for this channel, which has 5,27,000 followers at present.

What Is Tila Tequila Doing Now

As it says in her bio, “No need for introductions!” You all know who I am; I am the wife of the Lamb of God. the most lethal bride in the mafia’s history.

According to the Bible’s account found in Esther 2:17, “the king loved Esther more than all the other women, and she obtained grace and favor in his sight more than all the virgins; so he set the royal crown upon her head and made her queen instead of Vashti.”

Tila’s music videos and messages to fans (mostly written in all caps) can be found on her website.

Find Out More About Her Early Life And Career

Modeling work for Playboy, Import Tuner, and Maxim UK kicked off Tila’s career in the early 2000s.

The model first joined MySpace in 2003, quickly amassing a sizable fan base and going on to establish an influential Facebook page.

Tila has released several albums as a musician and collaborated with prominent record labels and producers. In 2007, she dropped her first single, and in the same year, she dropped her first extended play from a recording studio.

At the age of 22, she began a career in reality television, during which she appeared on several shows, including the 2006 Pants-Off Dance-Off and the NBC game show Identity.

Last Words

Celebrity TV host and social media star Tila Tequila was born on October 24, 1981. Aside from “Tornado Thien,” she goes by “Miss Tila.” She became famous as a “Playboy” model and reality TV star. She also became well-known after she began using numerous social media platforms.


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