Chicago police looking for missing 14-year-old girl

CHICAGO — A missing 14-year-old girl from the South Side of Chicago is the focus of a police investigation. According to a CPD bulletin, Janelli Weaver has brown eye color and black hair, and she is about 110 pounds and 4 feet 10 inches tall.

According to the police, she was last seen in the 1600 block of West Garfield Boulevard while wearing a black sweater, grey joggers, and pastel-colored Van gym shoes.

There was no mention in the missing person’s bulletin of when she was last seen or reported missing.

Anyone who has seen her or knows where she might be is asked to call either 911 or the Area One SVU at (312)747-8380 with any leads.

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Naomi Algarin, A 14-Year-Old Chicagoan, Has Been Reported Missing From The City’s West Side

A missing 14-year-old girl in Chicago has prompted police to appeal to the community for assistance. On the evening of December 4, 2022, at approximately 10 p.m., Naomi Algarin reportedly left her residence in the 3700 block of West Diversey Avenue. She was unable to contact anyone because she had left her phone at home.

A Hispanic girl named Algarin has black hair and brown eyes. She has been reported to be 95 pounds and 4.10 feet in height by the police.

She was wearing a grey hoodie, grey v-neck shirt, grey sweatpants, and white and pink Nike gym shoes when she was last seen.

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Investigators from the Chicago Police Department are asking anyone who may know her whereabouts to call them at (312) 746-6554.

Final Words

A CPD bulletin describes Janelli Weaver as a black female with brown eyes and a thin build.

She was last seen on West Garfield Boulevard at 1600, and police say she was wearing a black sweater, grey joggers, and pastel Van gym shoes. The police did not specify in the bulletin when she was last seen or reported missing.


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