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On January 15 of each year, we commemorate what has been dubbed “National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day.” This day recognises the delectable qualities of freshly squeezed juice and encourages people to use this nutritious beverage as part of their regular routines. Consuming freshly squeezed juice has several positive effects on one’s body, including enhancements to one’s digestion and energy levels, as well as improvements to one’s skin health.

In addition to having positive effects on one’s health, freshly squeezed juice also has a wonderful flavour. There is a delectable option for everyone, whether they choose the traditional flavour of orange juice or something a little more out of the ordinary, such as a combination of grapefruit, mint, and cucumber.

History Of National Fresh Squeezed Day

national fresh squeezed juice day history

It is uncertain when this festival initially occurred or who its proponents were. Old French is the original source of the term “juice.” The liquid produced by boiling herbs is referred to as jus, juis, or jouis. It was used to describe different liquids like broths, soups, and even sauces in a variety of other nations and civilizations.

Juice’s modern definition was established when it was described in the 14th century as “the liquid component of fruits or vegetables.” But as time went on, the connotation shifted even more, and by the 19th century, it had come to refer to alcohol. Even during that time, it was documented as being used as a name for electricity.

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Creation of Juicer

national fresh squeezed juice day facts

When Norman Walker created the juicer in the 1930s, the phrase was once again used to describe the liquid obtained from fruits and vegetables. Walker emigrated to New York in 1910 after being born in Italy. William Baum, a chiropractor and physical therapist, who he saw after becoming gravely ill, advised him to go to a raw vegetarian diet.

At this time, he created a juicer with cutting-edge engineering that is still in demand today. Even more, he established the Norwalk Laboratory of Nutritional Chemistry and Scientific Research, where he carried out investigations on the nutritive value of juices.

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Things you should do on this day

The finest thing you can do to commemorate this week is to squeeze your own fresh juice at home. Create juice using fruits you’ve never had before by giving them a shot. You can even create your own wild combination of options. If you really want to go all the way, you should get a new juicer. Every day, you should give a new juice recipe a shot. Here are 11 of the most delicious recipes for fruit juice. Make sure to share your own concoction on various social media platforms.

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Interesting Facts

national fresh squeezed juice day juicer
  • There is some evidence that drinking juices reduces the chance of developing cancer.
    According to studies, the carotenoids contained in carrots and the lycopene found in tomatoes can help lessen the chance of developing several malignancies.
  • Juicers do not extract the fibre.
    Juicers remove the pulpy section of fruits and vegetables, which is where the majority of the fibre is found. However, this pulpy part is an essential component of healthy diet.
  • It’s possible to compare juicers to washing machines.
    Washing machines and juice extractors share this characteristic in common since both use centrifugal technology to spin items and divide them into individual components.
  • Drinks with no calories might cause weight gain.
    According to research conducted on the topic, the artificial sweeteners used in diet sodas have the potential to disrupt metabolism and cause an increase in body fat.
  • Income has a positive correlation with the consumption of juice.
    Although New Zealand and Colombia have the highest per capita consumption of juice in the world, studies have shown that countries with higher incomes consume more juice overall.

To Conclude

On every 15 January, National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day is celebrated. The starting history of the day is not known but what we know, we have shared all with you. So that is all for this post. Celebrate the day with great joy and keep yourself healthy.


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