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One of the most original series, Danganronpa has produced a slew of excellent murder-mystery games that are a blast to play. Playing with the goal of solving the world’s mystery and learning its secrets provides a compelling gameplay loop that never fails to satiate.

Danganronpa is such a sprawling and intricate story that it spawned not one but two simultaneous anime adaptations. The stories of these adaptations are excellent in their own right, and they contribute greatly to the canon as a whole,

just like the games. Of course, not everyone would watch these anime adaptations, but for those who don’t, the following details about Danganronpa will continue to be foreign to them for the foreseeable future.

Exact Methods Of Brainwashing Class 77-B Revealed

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair is a fantastic sequel with a huge twist: it turns out that everyone involved in the killing game was actually a member of the terrorist organization Ultimate Despair, which was responsible for atrocities around the world.

Exact Methods Of Brainwashing Class 77-B Revealed

Given that most of the game’s characters seemed to have some sort of moral compass that would prevent them from committing such atrocities, this was hard to believe.

The members of Class 77-B were actually brainwashed by Junko in the most heinous manner possible, so this act was also explained by that. While the last embers of hope died out, the class was subjected to a hypnotic live stream of their classmate’s slow and agonizing death.

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Those Two Looneys Junko And Mukuro Lobotomized The Classroom Teacher

For a long time, members of Class 77-B didn’t really communicate with one another and instead did their own thing. The class’s dynamic shifted, however, with the introduction of Chiaki and the guidance of their homeroom teacher, Chisa Yukizome, who encouraged the students to open up to one another and form lasting friendships.

Those Two Looneys Junko And Mukuro Lobotomized The Classroom Teacher

Unhappily, it appears that Danganronpa’s happiest characters always end up in the worst possible situations. And so, Junko kidnapped Chisa, and Mukuro lobotomized her, all so that she could be programmed to feel hopeless about love. For anime fans, this is a wrenching moment that only adds to the tragedy of Class 77-B’s downward spiral.

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Red Blood Cells Appear For The First Time In The Series

As seen in the Danganronpa 3 anime, the Despair Arc, the blood is still pink, but in the Future Arc, it has changed to a darker red. Due to not having to worry about ratings or other restrictions, blood was shown in its true color for the first time in this episode.

If you want to see how harsh the world of Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School is, you’ll get it straight up. The anime depicts some of the most graphic killings and executions are ever been seen in a television series.

In The Headquarters Of The Future Foundation, Another Killing Game Is In Progress

After hopelessness has taken over in the most destructive way possible, the people of The Future Foundation work to restore it. Early on in the anime, it becomes clear that this organization is no match for the Organization of Despair.

In what Monokuma claims to be the final killing game, the headquarters of the Future Foundation serves as the setting. The twist in this game is that everyone but the potential murderer is put to sleep, and that person has the option of either killing someone else in the game or not killing anyone at all. When you do the latter, the game is over, but in Danganronpa, nothing is ever that easy.

And to make matters worse, there is a playable action that is disabled. If you don’t do what I say, I’m going to poison that person.

In The Show, Kyoko Is In Grave Danger

In The Show, Kyoko Is In Grave Danger

Among the many fan-favorite original Danganronpa cast members was Kyoko. Despite the hardships she endured, her character made it through this unholy killing game and was eventually able to stand next to Makoto and the others who had also managed to escape.

Kyoko, however, violates a cruel rule in the Final Killing Game by staying alive with Makoto through the fourth killing round when she was supposed to be killed. She is poisoned and on the verge of death when a miraculous drug saves her life at the end of the anime.

Final Words

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair appears to have more fans than the original game did, despite never having been adapted into an anime. The gameplay of the original game has been preserved while massive improvements have been added to the sequel.


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