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When Paula Jones was in Little Rock, Arkansas for the 1991 Annual Governor’s Quality Conference, she attended a meeting that would later draw national attention to her. She claims she went to Bill Clinton’s hotel room when he was governor of Arkansas and that he stripped naked and tried to procreate with her.

Impeachment: American Crime Story depicts Jones going public with her allegations three years later, which set in motion the events that led to Clinton’s impeachment as president. She initiated legal action in May of 1994, just two days before the three-year deadline had passed.

After the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke out in 1998, she successfully appealed the initial dismissal of her case. Clinton never took responsibility for the settlement, but in November 1998, he paid Jones $850,000 to drop her sexual misconduct claims in exchange for her dropping the lawsuit.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Jones spent all but $200,000 on legal fees from the settlement. The former state employee from Arkansas posed naked for an issue of Penthouse magazine in 2000 to promote her line of No Excuses jeans.

Jones told Vanity Fair in 2017 that he had to have the cash. “At the time, I was going through a divorce. I was required to make a tax payment [on settlement proceeds]. There was no way I could put off buying a house for my family any longer; the Internal Revenue Service was hot on my tail.

Who Is Paula Jones?

The lawsuit Paula filed against Bill Clinton in 1991 for sexual harassment gained her notoriety. In it, she claimed that Clinton had asked her to come to his hotel room, where he had then propositioned and exposed himself to her. Despite her initial reluctance to report the incident, she eventually did so in 1994, when, following his election to the presidency, she sued him for sexual harassment.

Who Is Paula Jones

Her lawsuit had been dismissed at first, but after she appealed all the way to the Supreme Court, President Clinton was subpoenaed to appear in the civil suit.

Monica Lewinsky was initially subpoenaed as a witness in this trial because of allegations that she was another woman with whom he had sexual relations. The impeachment trial against President Clinton was sparked by the perjury charges brought against him after he denied having sexual relations with Monica.

Even though Paula claims that much of the $850,000 settlement she received for the case went to legal fees and other taxes, she did receive an official apology from President Clinton.

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Paula Jones works As A Real Estate Agent In Arkansas

Paula explained to Vanity Fair that she “needed the money.” “At the time, I was in the midst of a divorce or separation. I was required to make a tax payment [on settlement proceeds]. For my family’s sake, I had to go out and buy a house. It seemed like the IRS was always on my tail.

Paula Jones works As A Real Estate Agent In Arkansas

Paula was accused of hypocrisy for her nude photo shoot, but she did not see the connection between her claims of sexual harassment and her decision to pose without clothing. Friends and supposed supporters abandoned her, so she only worked with Penthouse out of desperation.

In the wake of the shooting, Jones’s once-close friends have grown increasingly distant. Jones lamented, “It was like I was a nobody.” “They just dropped me like a hot potato and didn’t even bother to ignore me.” The conservative commentator Ann Coulter had this to say about Paula:

In the past, she had grace, nobility, and enormous bravery. She finally lives up to the reputation of being the “trash from a trailer park.” The comments she made about Jones were “horrible,” Jones said to Vanity Fair. She and her ex-husband Steve Jones came to an agreement about Stephen and Preston’s custody after their divorce.

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Paula has been married to Steve Mark McFadden since 2001, and they have a son together. As Jones pursues a career in real estate, the couple has set up shop in the Natural State. Paula’s boxing match against Tonya Harding was widely reported on, but after her marriage, she faded from public view.

She Didn’t Like Her Portrayal In Impeachment

Though Jones thinks Annaleigh did a great job channeling her style, she has some strong opinions about the show’s shortcomings. Jones said that the portrayal was “inaccurate” in an interview with Inside Edition. Almost in a cartoonish way, it seemed. Paula questioned how an actor could portray a person truthfully if they never spoke their name.

She Didn’t Like Her Portrayal In Impeachment

She says that despite Monica Lewinsky’s involvement in the scandal, her treatment is much better than that of the show’s producer. “I don’t see how that could possibly work,” she sighed. It’s almost as if people have avoided me and teased me my whole life.

However, Annaleigh is confident that her portrayal of Jones was spot on. She practiced Paula’s walk and accent until they were spot-on, and she read a lot about Paula’s backstory. Ashford thinks the show did a good job of telling Paula’s story. What she revealed to Vulture was:

“I feel like there was so much source material that we told her story the best we could, and I would like to believe that we gave great empathy to this woman and that people are seeing a new dimension to her story and narrative as a result. In a way that hasn’t been done before, I believe that we are giving voice to her part of the puzzle.

Does Annaleigh have any remorse for helping to bring Monica’s affair with President Clinton to light? No. She says it was essential for her situation. To her mind, wrongdoing was committed on both sides. She asked Vanity Fair, “So why should I feel bad?” I didn’t want to put her in danger. It was Linda Tripp who did it.

Jones assured the media outlet that she would re-file the sexual harassment suit despite the difficulties she had encountered since the initial filing. What did she say?

Where Is Paula Jones Right Now? It Was Common Knowledge That She Backed President Trump

Paula used her newfound fame to support herself and her family after the lawsuit was settled. In 2000, she modeled nude for Penthouse after having previously modeled for No Excuses Jeans.

Where Is Paula Jones Right Now It Was Common Knowledge That She Backed President Trump

She told Vanity Fair in 2017 that she “needed the money.” I was going through a divorce at the time. I was required to make a tax payment [on settlement proceeds]. There was no way I could put off buying a house for my family any longer; the Internal Revenue Service was hot on my tail.

She went on to say to the outlet, “People that were supposed to be my friends and people that were supposed to help me [while] I’m over here in financial straits.” “Those same people were like, they just squished me when I posed for Penthouse. It’s as if I never existed. Just like that, I was dropped like a hot potato and completely forgotten about. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard from them.”

Paula has stated that she has tried to have her story published as a memoir but that no publishing house has shown interest.

This is why Bill Clinton did what he did to me: “Because there is so much said about me and my upbringing and how people have tried to portray me. In an interview with Vanity Fair, she explained that her detractors had been sought out. “As if I deserved what I got,” she said. “No one ever gives me a chance… For what reason are they disinterested? I feel like I’m infected with the plague.

Paula is now widely known to be a Trump supporter. Along with Juanita Broaddrick, Kathy Shelton, and Kathleen Willey, she appeared in a news conference for Trump in 2016. Kathy had previously accused another man of rape, but Juanita, Kathleen, and Paula have all accused President Clinton of sexual misconduct. But Hillary Clinton, who represented the man she falsely accused, successfully negotiated a reduced sentence for him in court.


Prior to this, I was terribly shy, quiet, submissive, and a reticent person. Additionally, it has passed a number of significant legislations. I believe that the outcome of my case has improved conditions for other women in the workplace.

Jones finally gave in to the constant ridicule and had her nose reshaped. Paula was offered the services of plastic surgeons all over the country, but she ultimately decided to go with one located in New York.

Definitely, without a doubt, they are mine! Paula kidded Vanity Fair writer David Friend, “I bet you think they’re not.” “I’ve had people squish them [and say], ‘Okay, they’re normal – they’re real.


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