Genshin Impact 3.4 Alhaitham Update Coming Out Soon

Genshin Impact 3.4 Alhaitham

The Genshin Impact 3.4 release time has been scheduled for later today, which means that the Alhaitham banner’s main event will soon be here. Genshin Impact version 3.4 will start playing at around 7 p.m. PT, 10 p.m. ET, and 3 a.m. BT on January 17.

Though we could be able to log in earlier if maintenance is completed earlier than expected, which it frequently happens. Have your Primogems ready since Alhaitham’s banner will be active when the update goes live. Start that download now if you want to complete the time-saving pre-installation.

When Alhaitham & Yaoyao is coming

The first heroes to receive banners in the Genshin Impact update 3.4 are Xiao and Alhaitham, with Yaoyao, a newbie, receiving four stars. Following the release of Alhaitham and Yaoyao, miHoYo has stated on Twitter that the replays of both Hu Tao and Yelan will be made available on February 7th.

In addition to these character event desires, there are a lot of celebrations that you should look forward to. The annual celebration of the Chinese New Year known as the Lantern Rite is scheduled to get underway on January 19 of this year, and attendees may look forward to receiving a number of awards.

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Alhaitham Banner

The first phase of the Genshin Impact 3.4 tournament will feature a banner for Alhaitham. Because Xiao is also having an Event Wish at the same moment, he will have the same highlighted 4-star characters as Xiao. It has already been announced by HoYoverse that Yaoyao will be included on both banners.

It appears that Yun Jin and Xinyan will be the final two highlighted 4-star characters for these Event Wishes, according to the most recent leaks. There will also be an Epitome Invocation that will highlight Xiao and Alhaitham’s signature weapons; however, at the time this article was written, their featured 4-star weapons had not yet been disclosed.

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Other Characters are coming too

Here are some suggested squad lineups for the Dendro swordsman to make your lives easier. Due to the character’s pending release, you should be aware that these are merely speculative comparisons.

Raiden Shogun

The first of these figures is Inazuma’s All-Powerful guardian. The introduction of Sumeru gave the Ei numerous new opportunities. Because of her skills, she may readily apply electro harm to opponents. Thus, Alhaitham and the Raiden will beautifully complement each other. To charge his burst attacks, he might need certain support characters.

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It’s a wonderful addition to Alhaitham to have the Dendro Archon herself. Nahida’s skills and dendro resonance will undoubtedly improve Alhaitham. Additionally, by having Nahida on the team, the issue of Alhaitham requiring a lot of energy to attain his full potential can be resolved. Nahida’s Deepwood Memories will strengthen the Dendro-based squad and lower the opposition’s Dendro Resistance.


The forthcoming rebroadcast with Hu Tao will see the return of this 5-star Hydro character. Yelan, one of the most intriguing characters Genshin introduced in 2022, will make a fantastic sub-DPS for Alhaitham. Additionally, because her output is based on her maximum HP, the character is simple to develop. For Alhaitham, her elemental blast will be of great use.

Yae Miko

One of Inazuma’s most notable characters is this sparkling electro five-star character. She heard quite a few harsh words when she was introduced to the wish banner. However, she later joined the Meta when Sumeru arrived. She could serve as a secondary DPS for Alhaitham due to her incredible AOE damage and speed in administering electro effects to the foes.


The upcoming Version 3.4 update will introduce the playable Genshin Impact character Alhaitham. He employs Dendro power and is a 5-star swordsman. The publication date of Alhaitham is January 18, 2023. He will be on the Version 3.4 first phase banner.


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