Keep Jenna Ortega’s name in mind; she’s on the verge of becoming a Hollywood superstar. The actress’s breakout role as Wednesday Addams in Tim Burton’s Netflix series Wednesday comes after a stint on Disney Channel’s Stuck in the Middle. Does the young actress have a boyfriend, or is she currently single?

By all appearances, Jenna is currently single, at least according to her social media. Though she has been in the spotlight for so long, the Disney star has only been romantically linked to a handful of celebrities and musicians.


Originally from the Coachella Valley, Jenna Ortega entered the world on September 27, 2002. At a young age, she figured out that acting was her passion. We are really grateful that the young star has opted to follow in her mother’s footsteps as an actress, as her mother was an actress and her father was a businessman.

At the tender age of nine, she made her acting debut on the television series “Rob.” As a result of this, the young actress was cast in more high-profile parts.

How about we go into Jenna’s love life a little bit?

Asher Angel

When Jenna and Asher Angel dressed up as Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, who were dating at the time, and attended the official Just Jared’s Annual Halloween Party in October 2018, rumours began to circulate about their possible romantic involvement.

After that, they went to a slew of red carpet events together, including the premiere of Venom (a Marvel movie).

 Jacob Sartorius

Before there were dating speculations between Jenna and Asher, there were suspicions that she was dating Jacob Sartorius, the singer she appeared in the music video for the song “Chapstick” with.

The movie depicts the two actors’ fun-filled date in New York City, where they participate in carnival games, indulge in ice cream, and stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge. There seemed to be a great deal of attraction between them, but they never progressed beyond the platonic friend zone.

Isaak Presely

When Jenna was still filming Stuck in the Middle on Disney Channel, she was rumoured to be dating her co-star Isaak Presley.

Jenna avoided further comment on the rumours of a romance, allowing her followers to speculate.

Isaak Presely and Jenna Ortega

Does anyone know who Jena Ortega is seeing?

As of the year 2022, it seems that Jenna is not dating anyone.

The actress has kept mum about her love life since she values her privacy.


The blooming star’s fame is said to grow, and along with it comes a long list of admirers hoping to win her heart.

Concerning her, there have been multiple, all of which are summarized here; I do hope you found this information useful.


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