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Something you don’t see every day is Netflix renewing a show (in this case, the animated Inside Job) and then changing its mind, ruthlessly adding the show to its list of cancelled programmes. When it comes to cancellations, the streaming behemoth has really been on a tear lately, dumping beloved shows like Warrior Nun and 1899 to the dismay of their ardent fan bases.

However, the manner in which Netflix cancelled Shion Takeuchi’s Inside Job is reminiscent of a situation I can only recall witnessing once before: the renewal of GLOW in 2020, followed by its abrupt cancellation. Check more about Inside Job, and why Netflix has cancelled it.

Inside Job Cancelled

Inside Job Cancelled

There are presently 18 episodes of the show that can be streamed on Netflix. The show is about a shadow government and a dysfunctional squad that is tasked with carrying out various conspiracies around the world. The cancellation by Netflix puts a stop to the renewal for Season 2 that arrived in the middle of the previous year. Lizzy Caplan, Christian Slater, and Clark Duke were among the voice actors who participated in the production of this show, which was a send-up of the television series The X-Files.

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Why Inside Job cancelled even after success

Why Inside Job cancelled

Given that Inside Job was a hit throughout the entirety of its first season, the fact that it was cancelled simply serves to perpetuate the concept of the Netflix curse. When Netflix releases new episodes of one of its shows, the most important metric that the streaming service considers is the percentage of users who watch the episode all the way through within the first four weeks.

If this percentage is too low, Netflix may decide to cancel one of its shows, even if the show is otherwise successful. Because of this, Inside Job was cancelled despite the fact that a second season had already been given the go-ahead to be produced. The only reasonable explanation for this is that the show did not live up to Netflix’s arbitrary standards for what defines a successful show.

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Inside Job Creator Heartbroken

“Reagan and Brett earned the right to have their story told, and they deserved to be happy in the end. And I would have wanted to have been able to share what was in store with all of you,” Takeuchi stated in the tweet that was sent out on Sunday.

“Inside Job” was the first production created by Netflix as part of Takeuchi’s overall agreement with the streaming service. It was also the first adult-oriented animated series produced in-house by Netflix Animation Studios.

About Inside Job

Ten episodes of “Inside Job” had their Netflix debut in October 2021, while eight episodes of the second half released this past November. The animated comedy centres on the shadow government and the dysfunctional gang that works tirelessly to carry out global conspiracies.

The series is set in the offices of Cognito Inc., a shadow government agency, and follows antisocial tech prodigy Reagan Ridley (Caplan) as she works with colleague Brett Hand (Duke) to unearth the countless mysteries of the universe that are shrouded in darkness. Reagan is constantly up against obstacles, such as her unstable, conspiracy-theorizing father (Slater), and careless coworkers, despite her optimism.

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The Consumer Netflix issue

netflix cancel many shows

The abrupt cancellation of Inside Job serves to highlight how Netflix’s capricious cancellation policies put viewers and creators at risk. Customers may find it unpleasant and potentially discourage them from wanting to watch new content if they observe Netflix consistently cancelling shows for failing to reach a certain viewership threshold.

Since Netflix is willing to frequently terminate popular shows without providing them with satisfying endings, many viewers will conclude that there is no purpose in becoming invested in the first place and stop watching, which, unfortunately, will simply make the problem worse.

Unattrative for Creators

netflix and creators

The apparent problem for artists is that Netflix makes it seem unattractive to deal with due to its cancellation curse. A creator may choose to subscribe to a service that is less likely to abruptly cancel anything for no apparent reason if they are planning to spend months or years developing an animated series.

Naturally, as a result, Netflix will develop less and fewer animated shows, further damaging the company’s already dismal reputation in the field. Although it’s probably too late to change Inside Job, Netflix should nevertheless make an effort to treat all of its animated productions with the utmost care.


Netflix has cancelled Inside Job season 2 despite the success of season 1 , confirmed by the creator of the show. The actual reason behind the cancellation is not officially known yet, but rumors have stated that Netflix’s arbitrary standards are the reason behind that.


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