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The UFC game series has just been going since 2014, making it a more recent sport. Despite having a brief existence, the games have grown to be highly well-known among MMA aficionados. These games play very differently from other fighters, such as the Street Fighter games with a stronger combo emphasis or the incredibly flamboyant, anime-style games from producers like ArcSystemworks.

There have only been three sequels thus far, but UFC 5, the series’ fifth instalment, is soon to be released. More people are curious about UFC 5’s release date as well as any upcoming adjustments as MMA has never been more popular. Even though there isn’t a lot of official information yet, we have still evaluated the competition and compiled some statistics. We’ve got you covered for all you need to know regarding UFC 5’s octagon entry dates.

UFC 5 Leaks

Does this suggest that preparations for UFC 5 are currently being made? It’s possible, but there’s no guarantee of anything. After all, new content for the UFC 4 video game is being added all the time right now. EA Sports made the recent announcement in the form of a tweet that two fighters with the ring names Bo Nickal and Raul Rosas Jr. will be participating in UFC 4.

The date that this tweet was sent out is September 29th, 2022. Fans, however, have discovered job posts that were established by EA for positions to assist in the development of UFC games. Therefore, it is probable that UFC 5 is currently in the process of being developed. You can expect an update from us as soon as we have additional information to share with you.

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UFC 5 Expected Release

Since Electronic Arts discontinued its UFC game for consoles of a previous generation, including Xbox and PlayStation, more than two years had passed. This year should see the release of UFC 5, based on EA’s historical release patterns. Is this really the case, though? Let us find out.

Tom Henderson, a freelance video game journalist, stated that the release of UFC 5 is anticipated to take place during the summer of 2023. The writer provided further explanation that the highly anticipated revival of EA’s boxing simulator franchise, Fight Night, had to be delayed in order for the production of the next UFC game to continue.

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UFC 5 Platforms

ufc 5 platforms

The Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation consoles are anticipated to receive EA’s newest MMA simulator game, UFC 5. It’s probable that EA will also release a prior generation version for the Xbox One and PS4, even if the new game will be largely designed with the newer generation of consoles like the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PlayStation 5 in mind.

In addition, the new UFC game is anticipated to be developed utilising the Frostbite engine, which is used to create games like FIFA and Madden. There is a possibility that UFC 5 will become accessible for PC since several games created with Frostbite are already on that platform.

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EA and UFC Contract

ufc ea contracts

Although EA Sports hasn’t made it publically known that they are developing UFC 5, they did more or less confirm that they are developing a 5th UFC game when they extended their contract with the UFC a few years ago.

The multi-year cooperation between the two organisations was upgraded to a new agreement lasting ten years in November of 2020. This meant that EA Sports would have the exclusive rights to produce UFC video games until the year 2030.


Hope you like the post. If you’re wondering what the UFC 5 release date is, you’re not the only one. Unlike other sports games from EA, which are released annually, UFC games are a little more spaced out, and it can be difficult to work out a release timetable at a glance. Since August 2020, players from all over the world have enjoyed squaring off in UFC 4, and anticipation for the series’ next instalment is rising.


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