World Quark Day

The 19th of January is World Quark Day, a holiday dedicated to the delectable cheese also known as quark (or quarg). Compared to ordinary cheese, it’s a lot healthier, and its mild flavour and creamy texture make it hard to dislike. You can use Quark in place of cheese in both sweet and savoury dishes; it is a very adaptable cuisine. It’s wonderful on its own or with any number of other foods.

When employing quark, one need not worry about constraints. Quark cheese can be used in place of nearly any other type of dairy, whether the dish is meant to be sweet or savoury, hot or cold. Substitute quark for cream cheese or sour cream.

Quark is a gateway to delicious, nutritious, low-carb, low-fat meals. You may include quark into drinks, desserts, and even savoury condiments and spreads. Some of Quark’s uses may come as a surprise.


World Quark Day was first celebrated in 2019 and was the brainchild of the self-proclaimed “Queen of Quark,” an advocate of healthy food and author who was born in picturesque Bavaria, Germany.
National Day CalendarRegistrar declared January 19 as World Quark Day every year in August of 2018.
The word “curd cheese” can be used to describe quark.


Perhaps not even considered cheese in some parts of Europe. Quark, kefir, ricotta, or whatever you choose to call it, it’s a fantastic cheese substitute that’s light, creamy, and satisfying. Like French Fromage blanc or Indian paneer, the taste and consistency are spot on. Quark, like other fermented South Asian cheeses, is manufactured from soured milk.

Though the fat content of some quark preparations can reach 40%, the typical fat content of quark is only about 10%. It’s a far healthier alternative to traditional American cheese spread because to its low fat level. The remaining quark is a great source of protein for vegetarians. Comparatively, its 3.5% protein content is double that of Greek yoghurt.

A German woman with an unrevealed name rules the planet Quark as its monarch. She’s a resident of Bavaria and a huge fan of quarks. Queen Quark is such a proponent of good nutrition and healthy lifestyles that she instituted World Quark Day to spread the word about this European wonder food.

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To create quarks

Delicious and simple to prepare, quark is a must-try. Make some homemade quark according to your preferred recipe.

Get your fill of quark

Almost every substance can be replaced with quark. Eating quark for every meal and snack in between is the best way to honour it.


Help the Companies That Make Quarks

Get in touch with quark sellers at local supermarkets and farms. Put your money where your mouth is and buy a couple tubs to express your appreciation for their efforts (and delicious quark)!

Quark’s Health Benefits:

Quark is incredibly high in protein; just 3.5 ounces provides more than 5 grammes. It also has some potassium and riboflavin and provides 12 percent of your daily calcium needs. It contains only 127 calories and is low in fat.

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Calcium is essential for your parents’ bones to stay healthy and strong. A simple method to ensure they are getting enough calcium is to give them Quark. Because of its subtle taste, flavoured yoghurt is generally preferred to plain yoghurt. It’s adaptable; you can use it to make a cheese spread for crackers that your mom and dad will adore by adding garlic and herbs.

Quark's Health Benefits

For elderly men and women, the risk of developing osteoporosis highlights the significance of a healthy calcium intake. Your parents’ susceptibility to bone loss can be assessed with a bone density test. Make sure they are on a calcium-rich diet and following the doctor’s orders if there is an issue.

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World Quark Day is a holiday celebrated on January 19th, dedicated to the cheese known as quark or quarg. It is a healthier alternative to traditional cheese with a mild flavor and creamy texture that can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. The holiday was first celebrated in 2019, and was created by a self-proclaimed “Queen of Quark” who is an advocate of healthy food and an author from Bavaria, Germany.

Quark is a low-fat, high-protein alternative to traditional cheese and can be used in a variety of dishes, from drinks and desserts to savory condiments and spreads. To celebrate World Quark Day, one could make homemade quark, eat quark in every meal and snack, or support local quark sellers. Additionally, quark is high in protein, potassium, riboflavin, and provides 12% of daily calcium needs.


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