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According to what Anthony Slater writes in The Athletic, the strategy that the Warriors take to the trade deadline for this season could be similar to the one that they did two years ago. Back in 2021, when Golden State Warriors’ record was hovering around.

Kelly Oubre was thought to be a possible trade piece for the Warriors. However, the Warriors decided to keep Oubre and only made two tiny salary-dump moves involving Marquese Chriss and Brad Wanamaker.

Warriors are in the position to buy more player, But….

The Warriors would be in a position to be players on the buyout market if they were allowed to open up a second roster slot. This time around the team might be in a position to offer seasoned free agents a spot on the roster as well as in the rotation.

According to what Slater has written, the Warriors could theoretically be interested in big men like Jakob Poeltl or Kelly Olynyk, but the price would likely be too high for a team like Golden State’s that already has Draymond Green and Kevon Looney in its frontcourt and only really needs an insurance policy.

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Warriors want these player

the golden state warriors want new player

According to sources who spoke with The Athletic, the Los Angeles Lakers are more interested in signing a “versatile multi-positional wing” to fill a role comparable to the one that Otto Porter Jr. played during the previous campaign.

Slater mentions Jalen McDaniels, Darius Bazley, Rui Hachimura, and Obi Toppin as three prospective targets the Warriors may look into, although he concedes that other potential suitors would probably be in a better position to outbid Golden State on players of that calibre.

A Little Adjustment to roster

the golden state warriors roster

According to Slater, it is more likely that this year’s Warriors will be successful by making little adjustments to their roster, such as the ones mentioned above, rather than by making any significant changes.

According to Slater, this is one of the reasons why past lottery picks James Wiseman, Moses Moody, and Jonathan Kuminga are expected to stay with the Golden State Warriors through the trade deadline rather than being moved.

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Trade Young Player

The Warriors might be willing to trade those younger players in exchange for the appropriate package, but they won’t want to take a loss on Wiseman and Moody, and they see Kuminga as a viable postseason rotation element.

Slater makes the observation that JaMychal Green is the most obvious player to trade if the Warriors decide to make a minor transaction in order to shed a contract and make room for another player on the roster. There is currently a vacancy on the team’s 15-man roster, although it is anticipated that two-way player Anthony Lamb will be elevated to replace it at some point in the near future.

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Thompson is waiting for Clearance

Klay Thompson is still waiting for the same clearance to play in both halves of back-to-back sets, according to Dalton Johnson of NBC Sports Bay Area. Stephen Curry, on the other hand, has been given the green light to participate in both halves of back-to-back sets going forward.

Thompson did not participate in Monday’s game but it is anticipated that he will be able to play in consecutive games at some point during the course of this season. If Thompson plays tonight but then doesn’t make it to either of Friday’s games, his next chance to play in both halves of a back-to-back set will be on February 1 and 2, because that’s when those games are.


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