The Last Of Us Episode 2 release

After the first episode of The Last of Us had everyone gripped, fans are eager to see what happens in episode 2. The Mandalorian actor Pedro Pascal portrays Joel in the HBO live-action version of the massively popular computer game, which also stars Game of Thrones great Bella Ramsey as Ellie.

Fans of the game have had to wait a long time, but episode 1 and the positive reviews for the rest of the series have shown that it was well worth the wait. Continue reading for more information about The Last of Us’ next episodes as well as a complete release schedule.

What is The Last Of Us about?

The Last Of Us

The shows is set in a future where the majority of the world’s population has become savage cannibals due to an unnervingly believable fungal brain sickness. The games follow a grumpy smuggler named Joel and his optimistic teen friend named Ellie as they journey across a destroyed United States.

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Last Of Us Episode 2 Release Date

The second episode of The Last of Us, which will be titled “Infected,” will be available for download on January 22 at 2:00 a.m. GMT. In addition to airing on HBO in the United States, the episode will be broadcast on Sky Atlantic and NOW in the United Kingdom.

How many episodes does Last Of Us Episode have?

The first season of The Last of Us is comprised of nine episodes, each of which is said to run for a different amount of time, ranging anywhere from 46 minutes to 81 minutes. Although it has not been revealed whether there will be any additional episodes beyond this first season.

The Last Of Us Episodes

It is certainly feasible that the show will adapt The Last of Us 2 for a second season. This, however, has not yet been stated. The producers of the show have said that they are excited to move forward with the series, but they do not want it to go on indefinitely.

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Last Of Us Schedule

  • The Last of Us episode 1 – January 15 – available now!
  • The Last of Us episode 2 – January 22
  • The Last of Us episode 3 – January 29 
  • The Last of Us episode 4 – February 5 
  • The Last of Us episode 5 – February 12 
  • The Last of Us episode 6 – February 19 
  • The Last of Us episode 7 – February 26 
  • The Last of Us episode 8 – March 5 
  • The Last of Us episode 9 – March 12

Last Of Us Episode 2 Duration

The duration of The Last of Us Episode 2: Infected is exactly fifty-five minutes. Neil Druckmann, who penned the first season of the original series created by Naughty Dog, is making his directorial debut with this episode The first episode aired for a total of 1 hour 25 minutes over its length.

This is not an extremely unusual occurrence for the first episode of a series. In most cases, the first episode of a series is required because it is used to establish the series and provide essential background information on the various locales and characters.

Where to watch The Last Of Us

Watching House of the Dragon can be done so on the regular HBO channel as well as on HBO Max. For those who are watching from other countries, The Last Of Us will have its world premiere in the United Kingdom on Sky Atlantic, and the episode will be available to stream live at the same time it airs in the United States.


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