what happened to gold rush white water 2023

Producer Tim Dalby broke the news on social media that Discovery had abruptly put Gold Rush: White Water on hiatus in the middle of the season.

Dalby was surprised and disappointed by the decision made by the network. The producer claims that the network abruptly pulled the show from the air for the remainder of the season.

Weekly viewers also received no warning. Tim claimed the network did it to save money, despite the fact that they had already been paid for and completed production of the show.

Airtime is all that’s required. However, due to the nature of the industry, the network can keep something “off the books” until it actually airs on television. After the “new financial year in April,” Tim said the show would not return.

This looks like more tax-related accounting fraud on the part of Warner Bros.-Discovery. Because of their use of the film as a tax deduction, they also had to cancel its release and will likely never do so.

Batgirl was the DC Comics character featured in that film. Fans aren’t happy about them possibly saving money on taxes as they get their finances in order.

Members Of The Audience Have Threatened To Stop Supporting Discovery Plus

Hitting the pause button in the middle of a season to save cash is a cheap shot at the fans. This is further evidence that Warner Disney is a rapacious, money-grubbing corporation. One supporter said of the studio, “they care only about their money, not the artist, actors, workers, or audience.”

Members Of The Audience Have Threatened To Stop Supporting Discovery Plus

Tim brought it up, saying, “The series has been rating well again, and this rather short-sighted move will obviously harm that.” One viewer questioned the network’s decision to cancel the show in the middle of the season, given the show’s high ratings.

It appears that the subscribers’ payments for Discovery+ are not enough to pique the network’s interest in ensuring their satisfaction.

Even though some viewers felt this season of Gold Rush: White Water was superior to the original series, they still have to wait months for the next installment.

One viewer said, “White water has been intense this season and you just stop showing it in the middle of the season.” “I will never again waste my time watching discovery Channel programs.”

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Another supporter pointed out that corporations like Warner Bros.-Discovery don’t care about anything other than making money. More importantly, they don’t give a damn about the customers who pay them for their service.

At last, a supporter stated it simply and clearly. They stated, “You don’t cut a program mid-season and leave your viewers hanging.” I can’t wait until they start charging us for Plus. When you stop caring about your audience, they stop caring about you.

Dustin Hurt Will Be Acquiring Brand New Survival Abilities In The New Season Of Gold Rush: White Water

On Friday, November 11 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT, the premiere of the new season of Gold Rush: White Water will air on Discovery. In case any potential viewers are unable to watch the premiere on television, Discovery+ will be streaming it live that very day.

Dustin will have to move his entire mining operation across the Chilkat mountains in order to continue mining in season 6 of Gold Rush: White Water. Furthermore, the entire crew will have to travel up the formidable Tsirky river for an additional nine miles. As a result, they’ll have to acquire completely new knowledge and abilities to prepare them for the challenges that may arise on the unforgiving landscape.

The show will revolve around Dustin and his latest life-altering experience: trying to determine whether or not the land he recently purchased on Nugget Creek actually lives up to its storied reputation for producing gold.

What Happened To Gold Rush White Water?

All of the goods are staked on gold cases, and Dustin Hurt and company travel further into the wilderness of The Frozen North than anyone has in recent memory.

In order to survive and thrive in the unforgiving local environment, they will need to figure out how to deal with everything that the Earth’s life-giving energy throws at them. This sequence represents a sub-goal of the Gold Rush.

What Happened To Gold Rush White Water

In a mad dash for unimaginable riches, White Water 2023 is taking it easy this season. Fans of Dash for Glory aren’t happy with the new direction the producer has taken.

For the next three months, right in the middle of the season, the group supposedly drew this technique out of thin air. A second adds, “Their thinking of it being too costly doesn’t check out since, as referenced in the post, the money is spent as of now.”

That’s why air travel is so crucial. However, because of the way the company is managed, the members of the group are able to keep one thing “under the table” until it is shown on television.

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Not until April would the current be restored. A lot of people are wondering when season 7 will premiere. There’s a chance that a few of them would have succeeded regardless of season 6’s ending.

Watch this episode of Dash for Cash to see how some people got ridiculously rich: This April could see the return of White Water. Get rich quickly! The likely break has been mentioned by the creators of White Water.

It was confirmed on October 10, 2019, that the premiere date for Season 3 would be November 8, 2019. As of October 23, 2020, we now know that the premiere date for Season 4 will be November 13, 2020.

Dustin Hurt has gone further into the Alaskan wilderness than anyone can remember doing a “Dash for unimaginable wealth: White Water,” marking off every item on gold cases.

On December 30th, the season six finale aired. An incredible storm hits all along the Chunk River, severely endangering the spring areas and digs. After losing more money on his airboat bet, Dustin bets that the increasing pressure will bring a blast that will ruin the season.

Final Words

In this episode from Season 5, Fred, his son Dustin, and the rest of the crew are working deep underwater when an unexpected engine malfunction threatens to destroy their hard work. The equipment problem becomes immediately apparent to those above and below ground as the underwater excavation progresses.


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