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Gold Rush: White Water host Tim Dalby announced the show’s lengthy hiatus in a social media post. He insisted it had nothing to do with him, but he clearly isn’t pleased. An executive at Discovery-Warner Bros., Tim claims, made the decision to pull the show from the air for three months. It’s right smack in the middle of this season.

Tim joked that a Discovery executive had deemed it unfeasible for the company to pay for employees to attend the show on Friday nights for the foreseeable future.

Despite the fact that the show had run its course and the season had already been shot, this happened. Thus, they are “imposing a break” on our airing episodes until the new fiscal year begins in April.

Frustration is compounded by the fact that new episodes won’t air until the current season of Gold Rush concludes. This season, viewers have been treated to back-to-back episodes of Gold Rush and Gold Rush: White Water. Nothing of the sort will occur for the remainder of the current season.

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What Happened To Paul Richardson On Gold Rush: White Water?

Season 4 of Gold Rush: White Water saw the mysterious departure of Paul Richardson and his wife, Kayla Sheets, leaving fans to wonder if they were killed off or where they went.

What Happened To Paul Richardson On Gold Rush White Water

Things between Paul and Kayla and Dustin Hurt didn’t end on good terms, so it seems unlikely that they’ll return to the show.

Apparently, “Kayla revealed in November that she and Paul were forced to leave Gold Rush after a bitter falling out,” as reported by Distractify.

There are still “present” cast members for the show, including Scott Allen, James Hamm, Ryan Cardoza, Carlos Minor, and Wes Richardson.

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When Will Gold Rush: White Water Return And Why Is It Currently On Hiatus?

Producer Tim Dalby has previously stated that the cost of making the show (including shooting and editing) has already been covered. Of course, there’s also another factor at play here. Recently, Discovery-Warner Bros.

When Will Gold Rush White Water Return And Why Is It Currently On Hiatus

has been doing this in multiple contexts. Accounting tricks are being used by the network to minimize tax liability and fund higher salaries for the show’s creatives.

The Batgirl film was canceled by Discovery-Warner Bros. despite having been completed in all but the final editing stages. It’s too late to have the film released.

The company plans to write this off as a tax loss. Several cartoons are among the programming that HBO Max no longer features. The cost of compensating the artists will be reduced as a result of this.

There may be a tax motivation behind this change for Gold Rush: White Water. In order to keep something “off the books” until it actually airs on TV, there is a method that can be used.

As Tim explained, the rest of the season will be put on hold until the start of the new fiscal year. This year’s spending can be put on hold until after the new year, allowing them to start with a clean slate.

What Is Gold Rush: White Water?

Gold Rush: White Water is a hit reality show that airs on Discovery Channel. Gold Rush: White Water Season 6 has finally begun airing, and a few episodes have already aired. Since the premiere of the most recent episode, the show’s devoted audience has been blown away.

Gold Rush: White Water’s riveting story is a big reason why the series has become so popular. In the meantime, however, Gold Rush: White Water will be pausing in the middle of the season. However, the remainder of this season will be broadcast on Discovery, so fans shouldn’t have to wait long for new episodes.

Final Words

(26 October 2022) LOS ANGELES – The new season of “Gold Rush: White Water,” featuring Dustin Hurt, premieres on Friday, November 11 at 9 PM ET/PT and on discovery+ the same day. Hurt is coming off his largest gold haul ever and is willing to risk everything for the chance at a life-changing payday.


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