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At 82 years old, Marlo Thomas’s face has a peculiar appearance for an actress. Fan theories include an overdone and unnatural facelift.

Actress Marlo Thomas, who starred in the hit sitcom That Girl, still manages to look stunning at age 58. The operation clearly yielded positive results. In a major role, Thomas was offered a part in the upcoming Hallmark movie, A Magical Christmas Village.

The weight of Sherri Shephard, host of Fox5’s Good Day New York, has been the subject of recent criticism after it was reported that Marlo made a snide remark about the woman. She later expressed regret to her followers and the host for the blunder she made. She appeared on Sherri and made a comment about how she “used to be a huge woman” before she lost weight, prompting her to issue an apology a few days later.

Thomas changed her facial expression and held her arms wide to show Shepherd’s previous size. Thomas emphasized her “passion” for Shepherd throughout her appearance and elaborated on what she meant by her remark.

So, What Exactly Happened To Marlo Thomas’s Face?

Marlo Thomas’s face has almost certainly been subjected to numerous cosmetic procedures, including facelifts. She’s 82, but she doesn’t look below the age limit.

Marlo Thomas entered the world in Beverly Hills, California, in 1937, long before the start of World War II. On the other hand, she looks to be in her late 50s or early 60s at the moment. A blog post from 2014 on the website of Kalos-plasticsurgery.com claims that Marlo Thomas has gone too far in her attempts to defy aging.

So, What Exactly Happened To Marlo Thomas's Face

Many people in the field of plastic surgery have offered their opinions on the surgeries Marlo may have had to achieve her current appearance. Meeting someone of Thomas’s age can be disconcerting due to her peculiar appearance. Marlo Thomas’s adoring public has not left her alone, suggesting that the actress has had cosmetic surgery such as a rhinoplasty, brow lift, and facelift.

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Kalos added that she now appears “very fake” and very different from the attractive Marlo that many people remembered.

Newer pictures and interviews with Thoma from 2022 show a face that is stretched, strange, and pulled back. Her oversized nose, which looks like it was modeled after Michael Jackson’s, makes her face look even more bloated.

Has Marlo Thomas Had Any Type Of Cosmetic Surgery?

Marlo Thomas may have survived the era, but there is no denying that plastic surgery has altered and ruined her appearance. In many people’s eyes, Marlo no longer resembles the fresh-faced beauty they remember. This is likely due to the many procedures she has undergone to enhance her appearance.

Comparison of Marlo Thomas’s “before” and “after” pictures reveals the areas where she has made a difference. For as long as people have speculated that Marlo Thomas has had plastic surgery,

the more ridiculous it has become for her to continue denying the rumors as she has gotten older. She believes Marlo’s face was altered surgically, based on Dr. Benjamin’s paper.

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Fans React Negatively To Marlo Thomas’s Plastic Surgery And Facelift

Reactions to Marlo Thomas’s efforts to look younger through procedures like plastic surgery and a facelift have been mixed.

Marlo’s new look has been met with both praise and criticism from her dedicated followers. On the other hand, she continued, “beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” Her Facebook post about a 7-year-old girl who was having surgery to avoid being bullied drew criticism, however.

Fans React Negatively To Marlo Thomas's Plastic Surgery And Facelift

For example, she annotated an article with the question, “A 7-year-old undergoing cosmetic surgery to deal with bullying?” You know how seriously I worry about bullying, and yet here we are.

In addition, she captioned, “the girl’s parents said that plastic surgery was the only way to stop the bullying.” The girl had been picked on because of the appearance of her ears. I’m curious as to your thoughts on this.

One of her fans commented on an April 2011 post by saying, “Wrong….this just shows their kids to do something to change themselves which nobody should do.” The parents have too many responsibilities. Many times I had to go to the school and even call the police to deal with the bullying my daughter endured. Then I could have contacted the media to make the school’s inability to aid me public knowledge.

How Many Children Does Marlo Thomas Have?

The stepchildren of Marlo Thomas number five. However, she and her husband Phil Donahue do not have any biological children.

Soon after she wed Phil on May 21, 1980, she came to care for his five kids as if they were her own. The ‘That Girl’ star has spoken out about her time spent with the children, saying that she was more interested in befriending them than in taking on the role of mother.

How Many Children Does Marlo Thomas Have

Despite the fact that Marlo does not have any children of her own, she was a vital part of the team that helped raise Phil Donahue’s five lovely children in the United States.

Michael, Daniel, Kevin, and James are Phil’s sons, and Mary Rose is his daughter. The daughter stayed with her biological mother in Illinois, while the two brothers joined their dad Phil and stepmom Marlo in California.

Thomas initially disliked time spent with his kids, but later grew to appreciate them. Thomas knew exactly what it was she wanted. Instead of giving up her career to raise a family, she was determined to do both.

Last Words

Marguerite “Marlo” Thomas was born on November 21, 1937, in Detroit, Michigan, to Rose Marie Cassaniti and comedian Danny Thomas. Her mother was of Italian descent, while her father was of Lebanese descent.


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