are brandon and serene still together

Since the premiere of Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise, Bachelor Nation has been rooting for Brandon Jones and Serene Russell.

The two became romantically involved shortly after meeting on an episode airing in September 2022 and clicking immediately.

“Brandon, all my life I’ve wished for a love that would change my life forever, but I’ve never seen it or experienced it. The former Bachelor said these words to the audience in the November 2022 finale: “But then I met you.

In all my years, I have never felt more seen or understood than I do right now. It’s as if our hearts are made from the same fabric.

I finally feel like I have someone to talk to, someone to share my life with, someone to complete me. Having you in my life is a blessing that I will never take for granted. The proposal made by the contestant from season 17 of The Bachelorette was expected by Russell.

Laughingly telling Us Weekly in November 2022, “This one wears his heart on his sleeve, so I had no doubts at all on proposal day,” Russell said of his soon-to-be-fiancé. Like you said, “I mean, there’s always that nervous feeling where you’re like,

‘Oh, my gosh,’ because when you begin to care so much and love someone so much, of course, you have that pit feeling where you’re like, “I hope that this works out” — you want it to because it means so much to you. Nonetheless, I wasn’t at all skeptical.

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Despite the film-like portrayal of their romance, the couple says they experienced “little growing pains here and there” after they returned from Mexico.

On Bachelor In Paradise, Does Brandon Pop The Question To Serena?

I want to tell calm Brook Russell how much I care about him. In every possible way, I love you. Brandon proposed to Rachel in the series finale, which aired in November 2022.

On Bachelor In Paradise, Does Brandon Pop The Question To Serena

“You are this everlasting spark that has hit me so hard, and I have come to the beautiful realization that from the moment I saw you, my happily ever after could’ve never started until I started a life with you,” Brandon said.

To the end of time, I will love you. From now until the day I die, I will love you. … Brook Russell, can you make me the happiest man on the planet? To what extent is your answer “yes” to the question “will you marry

It was clear that the sentiment was shared. When asked about her feelings in the relationship, Serene gushed that they are “two hearts cut from the same cloth” and that she feels “seen” and “understood” by her partner.

The Oklahoma native went through season 26 of The Bachelor without finding love with star Clayton Echard, but she said that the experience taught her a lot about herself and altered her perspective on romantic partnerships.

The elementary school teacher said to Bachelor Nation in March, “My time on the show has definitely impacted how I will date in the future because before I thought I was being so open in dating, but watching it back on TV I realized I had some walls up.”

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“I really did learn a lot about myself on this journey, so I have a lot to take with me into dating in the future.”

Are Brandon And Serene Still Together?

Brandon and Serene are said to have gotten engaged on the season 8 finale of The Bachelor in Paradise, and they are also said to be together after filming wrapped.

Are Brandon And Serene Still Together

Because they hit it off so well from the start of the season, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Brandon and Serene are still together.

They got engaged at the end of the season and were said to be still very much in love as of October 2022, despite the fact that their relationship was bound to be tested throughout the course of the season.

Last Words

After Russell proposed to Jones on the season 8 finale of “The Bachelor in Paradise,” Jones has said that their engagement is “a whole new learning experience.” After getting engaged on the Bachelor in Paradise season finale last month, the love between Brandon Jones and Serene Russell has only grown stronger.


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