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The mission of the Plastic Surgery Section is to provide world-class education, patient care, and scientific research in order to establish itself as a leading plastic surgical service on a local, national, and international scale.

Our primary goals are to provide outstanding clinical care in every facet of plastic surgery and to conduct and publish high-impact clinical and basic science research to further the field.

We have the most comprehensive range of plastic surgery services available in the CSRA, including pediatric plastic surgery, craniofacial surgery, microsurgery and general reconstructive surgery, hand and peripheral nerve surgery, and cosmetic procedures of every kind.

In order to better diagnose and treat infants and children with congenital and acquired head and neck deformities like craniosynostosis, deformational plagiocephaly, cleft lip, cleft palate, hemifacial microsomia, vascular abnormalities, dermoid and neoplastic lesions, our Craniofacial Center hosts multidisciplinary clinics twice a month with fellowship-trained craniofacial surgeons, pediatric otol

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Why Choose Us

You want a group to sit down with you and discuss the best surgical options for your needs when you’re considering plastic surgery,

whether it’s cosmetic or reconstructive. Patients of all ages, from infants to adults, can come to AU Health for a full range of plastic surgery procedures for correction or enhancement.

For these reasons and more, patients choose AU Health.

  • Plastic surgery expertise: We have the largest team of board-certified cosmetic and reconstructive surgery specialists in the Augusta River Region.
  • Multidisciplinary care: We collaborate with otolaryngology, neurosurgery, oncology, oral maxillofacial surgery, ophthalmology, orthodontics, and other specialties.
  • Microsurgery: We have surgeons trained in microsurgery – using tools that can perform highly delicate, very complex surgical procedures down to the millimeter, to restore form and function.
  • Pediatric plastic surgery: If your child needs plastic surgery, our surgeons have fellowship training in pediatric plastic surgery and cleft/craniofacial surgery.
  • Cancer reconstruction surgery: We work seamlessly with Georgia Cancer Center to provide surgical removal and reconstruction to patients with breast, skin, and other types of cancer.

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Cosmetic Surgery

Renew and revitalize your look with surgical cosmetic enhancements.

All of your cosmetic surgery needs can be met by AU Health’s team of highly trained and board-certified plastic surgeons. Among the many things we offer, you’ll find:

  • Arm and thigh lifts
  • Breast augmentation, breast lift, breast asymmetry, or breast reduction.
  • Lift procedures for forehead, eyebrow, eyelid, neck, and face.
  • Lip augmentation
  • Liposuction
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Skin removal after weight loss.
  • Tummy tucks
  • Vaginal and labial reconstruction

Reconstructive Surgery

Trauma, illness, or birth or lifelong defects can all lead to tissue and bone damage, and reconstructive surgery is used to repair these defects.

Is surgical reconstruction necessary, and why do patients require it?

Both the aesthetic and functional outcomes of a surgical procedure can be enhanced through reconstruction. As a form of corrective medicine, reconstructive surgery is used to fix problems caused by:

  • Birth defects
  • Cancer/tumors
  • Developmental abnormalities
  • Infection or disease
  • Trauma injuries

Final Words

The Kardashians appear to agree, as they have nothing but glowing reviews for Dr. Max Fisher, widely regarded as the Kardashians’ official plastic surgeon.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in learning more about Dr. Garth Fisher or any of the cosmetic procedures he offers, including but not limited to breast augmentations, facelifts, and Mommy Makeovers.


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