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Roberta Flack’s music has been described as “classy,” “urban,” “reserved,” “smooth,” and “sophisticated,” especially her series of 1970s romantic, light jazz ballad hits that continue to be played on MOR-oriented adult contemporary stations.

Flack, the daughter of a church organist, began playing the piano at a young age and progressed to the point where she was awarded a music scholarship and attended Howard University to earn a degree in music.

Flack was signed to Atlantic Records by jazz musician Les McCann shortly after she was discovered singing in a club following a stint as a student teacher.

While her first two albums, 1969’s First Take and 1970’s Chapter Two, were well received, they didn’t yield any hit singles until 1971, when her cover of Ewan MacColl’s “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” was featured on the soundtrack for the film Play Misty for Me.

The song rocketed to the top of the charts and stayed there for six weeks, making it the year’s biggest hit. The next song was “Where Is the Love,” a duet between Flack and fellow Howard University alum Donny Hathaway.

Following the success of “Feel Like Makin’ Love” (1974) and “Killing Me Softly with His Song” (1973), Flack took a hiatus from live performances to focus on recording and charitable work.

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Aside From Her Age, Where Does Roberta Flack Hail From?

Roberta Flack’s parents, Laron Flack (a draughtsman for the Veterans Administration) and Irene Flack (a church organist), gave birth to her in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

On February 10, 1937, she entered the world. In 2022, at the age of 85, she had a birthday party.

Aside From Her Age, Where Does Roberta Flack Hail From

She began singing gospel music at a young age, first with the music of Mahalia Jackson and Sam Cooke and later by learning to play the piano and joining the choir at Lomax African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.

Her interest in the piano began at age nine, and by the time she was a teenager, Howard University had offered her a full music scholarship. As a 15-year-old, she was among the youngest students the school had ever had.

Since her father passed away unexpectedly, she has had to support herself by becoming a music and English teacher. After years of performing in nightclubs, she finally made her debut in the studio in the late ’60s with the album First Take.

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Roberta Flack Career

Roberta Flack made history as the first black woman to work as a student teacher at the predominantly white Alice Deal Junior High School in Washington, DC before she even graduated from Howard University.

By the time Roberta was nineteen, she had already earned her Bachelor of Arts in Music and had come out on top of her class. After her father died, she went into teaching to help support her family.

Roberta Flack Career

She got to the capital city of the United States by way of the Washington, DC metro area by singing and training. Frederick “Wilkie” Wilkinson, her voice teacher, recommended she try singing pop songs instead of classical pieces.

At Mr. Henry’s Restaurant on Capitol Hill, Roberta Flack was hired to sing in 1968. In 1968, she was given a regular gig singing at Mr. Henry’s Restaurant on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, which marked the beginning of her professional singing career.

While performing in Mr. Henry’s, she caught the attention of Les McCann, who offered to set up an audition with Atlantic Records.

What Are Roberta Flack’s Biggest Songs?

In the early 1970s, she was at the height of her career, when her versions of “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” and “Killing Me Softly with His Song” became massive international hits.

Collaborations with fellow soul singer Donny Hathaway, particularly on the songs “Where is the Love” and “The Closer I Get to You,” were also very fruitful for her career.

In addition to “If I Ever See You Again” and “Feel Like Makin’ Love,” they had a string of other chart-topping singles.

What Has Roberta Flack Been Up To Recently?

She is “socially relevant and politically unafraid,” as Reverend Jesse Jackson put it. Roberta has always been committed to helping others and mentoring younger generations;

What Has Roberta Flack Been Up To Recently

she established the Roberta Flack School of Music at the Hyde Leadership Charter School in the Bronx to offer free lessons in music to students from low-income families.

Roberta Flack started a foundation in 2010 to help animals and kids learn to play instruments.

While Roberta did not return to the concert stage until she made a special appearance in 2018, she had already officially retired from touring.

Having confirmed her diagnosis of ALS in 2022, Roberta announced her retirement from singing the following year.

Last Words

Singer Roberta Flack has been diagnosed with ALS; she is best known for songs like “Killing Me Softly.” According to a statement released by her spokesperson this week, the illness has rendered her voice permanently unusable. Through a process of cell death, ALS disables and eventually kills the nerve cells responsible for controlling voluntary muscles.s


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