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If you don’t recognize the name Jocelyn Wildenstein, you’ve definitely seen her face. In New York, the socialite is no stranger to the spotlight.

It was alleged that she attacked her then-boyfriend with scissors in her Trump World Tower apartment in New York City in 2016. Even though she was reportedly worth billions of dollars, she filed for bankruptcy two years later in 2018.

However, Wildenstein is also well-known for a few other things. Wildenstein’s face, for one, has undergone so many plastic surgeries that it has taken on a kind of feline quality, leading to Wildenstein being derided “Catwoman” in some circles.

In the first year of her marriage to Alec Wildenstein, a billionaire art dealer, racehorse owner, businessman, and heir to the family fortune, Wildenstein underwent her first plastic surgery procedure: an eye lift.

They both got facelifts after she told him his eyes looked baggy, he recalled to Vanity Fair in 1998. From there, things only got more complicated: “I don’t think I’ve known her when she wasn’t healing from something,” a friend continued.

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Who Is Jocelyn Wildenstein?

The New York socialite is speculated to have undergone canthopexy, a procedure that elevates the eyes to create a catlike appearance, as part of her plastic surgery odyssey.

Who Is Jocelyn Wildenstein

She has undergone a remarkable change, as evidenced by before and after pictures of her surgery.

This professional also claims she has had work done on her upper and lower eyelids, a brow lift, a facelift, lip injections, a chin implant, fat grafting, and/or cheek implants.

However, the 71-year-old claims she is not yet done with plastic surgery and that she is not addicted to surgical procedures.

Has Wildenstein Denied Had Plastic Surgery?

The socialite said that her “high cheekbones and long hair” are a result of her Swiss heritage in an interview with the Daily Mail, but she denied ever having plastic surgery.

Her fiance Lloyd Klein told the Mail that Wildenstein is frequently mistaken for Brigitte Bardot, the French actress, and sex icon when the couple visits France.

Has Wildenstein Denied Had Plastic Surgery

The 77-year-old woman was asked directly if she had ever had plastic surgery, and she responded, “No, especially when we look back at my pictures – I think of course I am maybe more beautiful” (back then).

One of the things we lose as we get older is the vigor we had when we were young. The eyes, high cheekbones, and nose, however, remain constant. I like to think I was more attractive.

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Before She Divorced Alec Wildenstein, She Was Obsessed With Surgery

She apparently decided to have plastic surgery in an effort to win back the affections of the self-proclaimed cat lover after she became convinced he was planning to leave her.

During their marriage, she kept a lynx as a pet, and she gushed to Vanity Fair about the lynx’s “perfect eyes.”

Their romance was revived by her makeover at first, but they broke up in 1997.

After he and his ex-wife broke up, Alec commented on her plastic surgery, saying, “She was crazy. Every time, I was the last to know.

She convinced herself that her face was just furniture that needed to be rearranged. To put it simply, skin doesn’t function like that. Nonetheless, she ignored me,” he continued.

Once she was no longer tied to her ex-husband, she began focusing on her plastic surgeon.

Jocelyn, a former fresh-faced model, has decided to combine her obsession with her lavish lifestyle and large cats.

The blonde star’s arrest is just the most recent bizarre event in her life, which has rendered her almost unrecognizable from the woman she once was.

Last Words

Wildenstein’s face has undergone a number of reconstructive surgeries. Because of her feline appearance, she has been called “Catwoman,” “The Lion Queen,” and “The Bride of Wildenstein” by the media. She claims she is naturally beautiful and has never had any cosmetic work done, praising her Swiss heritage as her reason.


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