A fan of anime whose enthusiasm for the medium shines through in each and every one of the videos that can be found on the subscriber’s channel on YouTube. On his YouTube channel, he discusses a variety of hypothetical anime conflicts that might take place in the future. His channel was established in April of 2009, although the video titled “Power Levels (Halo Universe)” is the oldest video in his history.

It was uploaded in 2013. He currently has more than 850,000 subscribers on YouTube, and in April of 2017, his total views on the platform reached 25 million. He has compiled films ranking all of the Saiyans from Dragon Ball Z as well as all of the Jedi from the Star Wars series. Check more about him.

SethTheProgrammer real name

American YouTuber Gael, better known online as SethTheProgrammer (or just Seth), is well known for his videos in which he creates discussions and conflicts between anime characters.

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About SethTheProgrammer

SethTheProgrammer about

Gael established his channel on May 1, 2009; however, he did not publish a video to it until November 17, 2013, when he uploaded a video describing the power levels in Dragon Ball Z. The video was seen more than 2 million times after it acquired viral. On November 25, 2016, Gael published his first video debunking a video in which the topic was the Dragon Ball Power Scale.

In this video, Gael disproved the video. After that, he produced more of these videos refuting myths. Currently, Gael creates videos in which he discusses a wide variety of anime, including Naruto, Dragon Ball, Bleach, and many others. He also publishes previously recorded debates and excerpts from his Twitch livestreams on two extra channels that he refers to as Pinpin and Seth.

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Has SethTheProgrammer has done his Face Reveal?

SethTheProgrammer is a very famous youtube personality but he keeps his face hidden from all his viewer. His fans are eagerly want to see his face reveal. We believe he has not done his face reveal in his video yet, but he has shared some pictures on his social media profiles, which you can see below.

Why SethTheProgrammer getting hate?

Most likely as a result of his haughtiness and attitude. While he may be cool in person, his films give the impression that he is infallible, which irritates viewers. When a certain person gave golden Frieza a power level in the quadrillions or whatever, as part of a power level series, Seth made fun of him for not raising it further.

SethTheProgrammer hate

People don’t like him because of the kind of behaviour he exhibits, such as criticising someone for an arbitrary number without any supporting evidence. Because just because he has a large following does not make him invincible… He is an ordinary man who loves power scaling. Although he is adept at making his case, he is not some type of master that other grownups have no chance of defeating.

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How much SethTheProgrammer earns?

The majority of SethTheProgrammer’s earnings come from his job as a YouTube celebrity, which is also the source of his notoriety. It is not known how much he makes at this time, but he disclosed not too long ago that he makes a six-digit number in a single month.

To Conclude

SethTheProgrammer is a very famous youtuber. He keeps his face hidden but he has done his kind of face reveal. We have shared all the details regarding the same in the post. Hope you find all the relevant details that you were looking for.


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