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The Portland rapper, who was born Noah Oliver Smith on February 26, 2000, shown an early interest in music from a young age. Despite the fact that he has been producing music since he was a teenager, Yeat did not break through to the mainstream music scene until 2021, when he released songs such as “Sorry Bout That” and “Money Twrk.”

His celebrity power proceeded to ascend to new heights after the release of the song “Get Busy,” which became an internet sensation on the platform TikTok. Because of the continuing attention he received online, he was able to secure a joint venture agreement with Geffen Records and Field Trip Recordings. Read the post for further information about him.

Yeat is Mexican And Romanian

Since Yeat first appeared on the scene, his identity has been the subject of a great deal of speculation and inquiry. In the course of his conversation with Our Generation Music, he put the record straight by disclosing that he had Romanian and Mexican ancestry on both sides of his family.

His Romanian mother was born in Mexico, and his Mexican father was born in Romania. Despite the fact that Yeat has stated that he is, in fact, half white, he appeared to be criticising the lyrics of some white rappers when he stated that “if you break down what they’re talking about, they’re not saying shit.”

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Yeat is putting music since 2016

Over the course of the past six years, the rapper has been releasing new tracks. In a conversation with Our Generation Music, he disclosed that he has been uploading music to the internet from the latter half of 2016 or the beginning of 2017. He has released a total of seven projects over the course of the past six years, the most recent of which is titled 2 Aliv. You are now able to stream six out of the seven projects on the majority of platforms, despite the fact that some of the projects were not initially available on DSPs.

Yeat is not the only Musician in his Family

yeat father

There are other creative members of the Yeat family besides Yeat. His father was a musician and “always had guitars and pianos strewn around” his home because he had been a part of a band in the past. Yeat did not acquire a talent for playing any of the instruments, but the experience did motivate him to pursue his own interests in music.

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Yeat announced new project

yeat new project

Yeat made the announcement in January 2023 that his upcoming project, titled Aftrlyfe, would be coming out soon, and shortly after that, he teased a release date in February. It has been verified so far that rappers Lil Uzi Vert and Kankan will feature on Aftrlyfe. This information was obtained through the release of samples of songs and through Instagram stories.

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Does Yeat revealed his face

Yeat is always were a face mask. But his face can be seen enough in his various social media post. Fan are eagerly waiting to see Yeat without any face mask. We will share you all the details as much as we get any new update.

To Conclude

Hope you like the post. We have shared everything that you want to know about Yeat the Rapper. May be he has not been seen without his face mask, but that doesn’t mean his face is not known.


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