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ACookieGod, formerly known as CookieExploresMC, is a Canadian YouTuber who is well-known for his or her Minecraft videos. The channel’s popularity can also be attributed to its brutality, the challenges it presents, the analysis it provides, and the Minecraft tutorials it provides.

Across 119 videos on his Minecraft-related channel, ACookieGod has attracted a following of 2.87 million subscribers. Minecraft was developed by Swedish game designer Markus “Indent” Persson and published by Mojang Studios. It is a sandbox game.

In the years since its initial public debut in May 2009 and subsequent release in November 2011, Minecraft has amassed more praise than any other PC game in history. In the years since its release, the game’s sales have soared past 238 million copies, with around 2021 seeing an increase to nearly 140 million monthly dynamic players.

Due to the adaptability of the game, many people have also been motivated to start Youtube channels devoted to it. The Minecraft experience is vast. There is a virtually infinite amount of content that can be made in Minecraft, including basic building and machine designs, combating hostile crowds, and interacting with players from different worlds.

The game can be played in two distinct modes: survival and creativity. In the former, the player has limited resources and freedom of movement, while in the latter, the player is free to build a lavish world and live a lavish lifestyle. Could ACookieGod see my face? ACookieGod, a popular Minecraft YouTuber, has hidden his face from the public and is therefore unrecognizable.

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ACookieGod is known for being a jokester and extrovert, but he is also notoriously private, sharing next to nothing about himself online. Random thoughts abound on Twitter videos uploaded to YouTube. While he occasionally tweets about his life, it’s usually pretty dull.

The Reveal Of The ACookiegod’s Face

The Canadian YouTuber aCookiegod is well-liked for his humorous pranks, insightful gameplay commentary, and other viral videos.

The Reveal Of The ACookiegod's Face

He’s a huge deal, with over two million fans, but he won’t show his face just yet. Like many other successful people in the private content creation industry, he prefers to remain in the shadows.

We have no idea if or when he might reveal his identity, but we know his many fans would go crazy if he did. Continue reading to find out who the most famous Minecraft players are.

ACookiegod Real Name

However, he has not yet come clean about his true identity. His most popular alias, which he uses on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter, is Acookiegod.

In addition, we are confident that, as his fame continues to grow, professional YouTuber Acookiegod will eventually come clean about his true identity and appearance.

The YouTuber began making Minecraft-related videos in 2013, and he has been uploading them to a separate channel ever since.

As of this writing (1 November 2020), he has amassed 1.11 million subscribers to the videos he has posted on his personal YouTube channels, which he began doing in June 2020.

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ACookiegod Net Worth

There is speculation that Acookiegod has a three-digit six-figure bankroll. Tutorials, challenges, comments, trolls, the 100 Days in one block series, and anything else that might be of interest to his audience makes up the bulk of his content.

About once every two weeks, the gamer posts new video content. He does not just upload videos to YouTube but also uses Twitch to broadcast live. His video is getting about 250,000 views a day from various places.

It is anticipated that daily revenue of $2,000 will be generated from the video advertisements. Once YouTube deducts its fees, video makers in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia can expect to earn anywhere from $2 to $12 per 1,000 monetized views. Revenue-generating views make up anywhere from 40 percent to 80 percent of all views on YouTube. Youtube.

I estimate that he made $20,82,000 from his channel in the preceding three months. The gamer has been uploading videos for eight years and making money every single time. However, Acookiegod’s financial status is a mystery.

Final Words

This YouTuber’s steady progress is proof of his reliability. ACookieGod is active on multiple social media platforms, including YouTube competitor Twitch and the image-sharing app Instagram. His social media followings include 25.9K on Twitter, 20.0K on Twitch, and 23.7K on Instagram.

His Patreon is a secondary source of income for him. And yet, the YouTuber has turned off his Patreons for years to come.ACookieGod is one of the most popular Minecraft content creators on YouTube, and if his viewership is any indication, he will continue to grow in popularity.


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