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If you logged into Twitter today and saw that it was completely taken over by posts about a mysterious person going by the name “Dream,” you might be wondering, “Who the hell is Dream?” Everyone seems to be going crazy because he showed his face.

A huge fanbase has developed around Dream’s Minecraft videos, challenges, and servers; he is a well-known YouTuber who is known for his gaming channels. Popularity for Dream skyrocketed in 2019, and even if you haven’t seen any of his Minecraft videos, you’ve probably seen his instantly recognizable profile picture of a beaming grin.

The dream has amassed a massive following on the internet, but to this day, he has never shown his face to the public. The dream always hides his true identity behind a cartoonish smile whenever he appears in media.

However, in October of 2022, Dream posted a video to YouTube in which he showed his true identity for the first time. The memes have gone viral, and everyone involved is completely losing their minds.

Two Sides Of The Web Are Reflected In Dream’s Expression

A prominent member of the gaming industry, the Minecraft star is a household name. For a long time—years, in fact—the creator avoided discovery by staying under the radar. It turned out that his face was a major internet phenomenon that year.

Two Sides Of The Web Are Reflected In Dream's Expression

Community members’ reactions to this have been completely opposite. While the majority of viewers and authors have enjoyed the reveal of the character’s identity, there is a vocal group that has expressed strange displeasure.

Despite a large number of trolls, Dream’s fan base largely supported the creator’s decision to reveal himself. Clay’s friend and fellow Minecraft YouTuber GeorgeNotFound praised his gutsy move in a tweet.

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For a long time, Dream hid behind a mask because he was afraid of having his privacy invaded. Although there are benefits to internet fame, there is also a great deal of unwanted scrutiny and stress that comes along with it.

One’s mental fortitude is typically weakened in this way. Many internet users enjoy mocking or otherwise being toxic to popular Tiktokers, YouTubers, and Twitch streamers.

Dream Face Reveal Meme

On October 2, 2022, YouTuber ‘Dream‘ nearly caused a global outage by showing his face for the first time. Prior to this, the YouTuber wore a white mask depicting a happy face to hide his identity.

With the long-awaited face reveal came numerous memes on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, as well as live reaction videos. This photo of his grinning face has become a staple of memes with captions.

Informative Streamer Communicates With Fans

Dream stated in the video that he was “bunkered up” for too long and that was the deciding factor in his decision to reveal his identity.

Informative Streamer Communicates With Fans

Since a close friend of his is leaving for the United States, he felt emboldened to do more in-the-wild content without worrying about his identity being exposed. Further, he claimed that his ability to accomplish so much over the years without ever revealing his true identity was evidence that anyone is capable of great things.

While he had been hiding his identity for some time, he finally decided to reveal himself to his fellow streamers via Facetime. This is Dream’s full video, in case you haven’t seen him yet.

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Dream Imitates Internet Trolls

We’ve already established that some people on the internet were not pleased by Dream’s reveal of his face. Due to the ambiguity surrounding their motivations, many have viewed the trolls’ reactions as peculiar.

Users’ perceptions of what constitutes “handsome” or “pretty” have been narrowed by the internet, and some of those users have spoken out against this “toxic” culture. Keffals, a Twitch streamer, made the following statement on her Twitter:

In spite of the many online mockers, Dream has given a clever rebuttal. He posted a series of videos that loudly displayed his facial features, effectively shutting down the trolls’ comments section. Canooon, a fan-made YouTube channel, has posted a montage of the videos. Have a look:

Final Words

After being a Minecraft celebrity for so long, on October 2nd, Dream finally showed his face to his fans. The 23-year-old Minecraft celebrity Dream, who revealed his identity to more than 50 million online fans on Tuesday, met some of them in person for the first time at TwitchCon in San Diego on Friday.


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