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Twitter reports that Minecraft YouTuber Dream is being mocked and trolled online following the unveiling of his real identity. It’s crazy to think that something with over 1.2 million viewers in a How Far Is This? Is It Too Far? stream that lasted about five minutes could inspire so much animosity.

With over 30 million subscribers and a massive following, Dream and his friends and fellow content creators in the Dream SMP group are among the biggest Minecraft YouTubers on the platform. Though, unlike many other content creators, Dream had never revealed his identity to the public before, which likely contributed to his immense popularity.

Inciting widespread conjecture and leaks about the 23-year appearance. old’s Due to Dream’s history of controversy surrounding cheating allegations and other matters, the reveal of his identity quickly rose to the top of Twitter’s trending topics.

Thousands of fans and trolls were waiting for Dream to take off his mask during a live stream where he announced he would be doing so, and they finally got their answer. Others have taken to Twitter to mock Dream’s appearance and the fans who patiently waited for him.

How Far Is This? Is It Too Far?

Many people are sharing this image and others like it online, with the caption “This Youtuber looks just like the villains in the Shrek movies!”

How Far Is This Is It Too Far

Is this really taking internet culture to an extreme? Or maybe Dream should have seen it coming, what with him becoming a minor celebrity and all.

It’s Not All Evil

The dream has a lot of people rooting for him, including friends and members of his community. However, I can’t help but wonder if the people making fun of his appearance actually dislike him or are just following the current fashion.

During the broadcast, the YouTuber, whose real name is reportedly Clay, stated that he has no plans to incorporate a face cam into his regular content but does intend to create more in-person video content with his friends in the future. Most of his devotees would also be interested in fan conventions, which is possible.

Whether leaks Are True Or False

At some point before Dream’s identity was made public, this leak appeared. The question of whether or not these people in the photos are the same has sparked extensive discussion and continues to do so.

Though Dream hasn’t confirmed it, if these are indeed from him, they shouldn’t be used as hate but rather to look forward and be optimistic.

Although I haven’t watched any of Dream’s videos myself, it seems that Vtubers are becoming increasingly commonplace in today’s culture.

Those who have kept their identity a secret for a long time are even less likely to make an appearance in public. Taking into account all of the aforementioned factors, I find it easy to get behind the excitement it would generate.

For Others, What Does This Imply?

There are many other content creators whose fans have been demanding a face reveal, including the widely popular content creator Corpse Husband.

However, given the reaction and subsequent roasting of Dream after his reveal, will this discourage similar Streamers from ever revealing their face? While some of these may be taken in jest,

it is important to remember that overall, you should not hate someone because of their appearance. However, in the end, Dream will continue to make content with the support of its fans and friends.

Last Words

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