Nevertheless, the fact that these substances are illegal to possess or use in any way is controversial, whether for recreational or therapeutic purposes. This means that if you’re not taking part in a clinical trial, you can’t legally use these medications.

Many people who try psychedelics want a “trip sitter” to be there for them in case they have a bad experience.

Continue reading to find out what a trip sitter is and how psychedelics work.

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What Does The Term ‘Trip’ Refer To?

A licensed therapist providing psychedelic-assisted therapy wouldn’t use these terms.

Sober sitters and psychedelic carers are terms used to describe a person who does not partake in hallucinogen use in order to tend to the needs of someone who is under the influence of these substances.

The lasting effects of psychedelics make it necessary to have a trip sitter to ensure everyone’s safety.

The effects of psychedelic use, including a sense of disconnection from reality, pose a risk of harm to the user and those around them when used recreationally.

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4 As a result, it may be necessary to have a trip sitter present to ensure the safety of the person taking the drug.

How Can I Benefit From Psychedelic-Aided Therapy?

A psychotherapist who specializes in the use of psychedelics in treatment may take on some of the responsibilities of a trip sitter while also offering the expert guidance that comes from their training and experience in the field.

In addition to handling potential dangers, these people can provide emotional support and possibly even interpret the psychedelic experience.

It’s possible that the psychotherapy would benefit from a series of sessions leading up to the psychedelic experience and a follow-up session to help integrate the learnings.

Psychotherapeutic interventions can range in both frequency and form. In psychotherapy, patients are urged to open up about how they are really feeling and thinking and to actively participate in the therapeutic process.

Last Words

A trip sitter can be useful to ensure the safety of everyone involved because the effects of psychedelics can last for a long time.

The dissociative effects of psychedelics pose a threat to the user and those around them when used recreationally.

4 Consequently, it may be necessary to have a trip sitter in order to ensure the safety of the person taking the drug.


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