Bill and Frank's relationship

Is it implied that Bill and Frank are homosexual in The Last of Us? Let’s dissect Bill and Frank’s tragic history, which is the focus of Episode 3, to better appreciate the episode.

Breaking away from Joel and Ellie for the most part, Episode 3 of The Last of Us flashes back to the beginning of the outbreak to tell the best side story of the series so far: the story of Bill and Frank, two men brought together by fate.

In our review, we said, “it belongs in the same untouchable echelon as Ozymandias and Pine Barrens; it’s one of the greatest episodes ever committed to television, and pop culture history will be renown it as such.”

Their story spans 15 years, so let’s dive into their first meeting, the development of their relationship, and its ultimately sad conclusion.

Who Are Bill & Frank In The Last Of Us?

In The Last of Us, Bill and Frank have introduced in the first episode thanks to Joel and Tess’s smuggling efforts.

Who Are Bill & Frank In The Last Of Us

When Ellie visits Joel, she finds a radio in his apartment along with a list of top 40 hits that includes a secret code that explains that a song from the 1960s means nothing new, a song from the 1970s means new products, and a song from the 1980s means danger.

This sets the stage for Bill and Frank’s work, as the two will most likely supply Joel and Tess with useful objects and products should their smuggling work take them outside the Boston quarantine zone.

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The ending of The Last of Us: Episode 1 foreshadows impending trouble, and this code is their only means of contacting Joel and Tess.

Bill And Frank Laid It All Out For Us In Episode 3 Of The Last Of Us

Bill and Frank are gay, that’s true. After a hesitant first meeting in 2007, the couple goes on to spend the next 15 years together blissfully in love before ultimately deciding to take their own lives rather than face life apart.

In 2007, Frank finds Lincoln by accident. Bill has made it his own personal encampment, complete with an electric fence and booby traps to eliminate any infected who try to approach (and anyone else who tries to come in without permission). As a result of his mishap, he ends up in a ditch, but not before convincing Bill to provide him with a hot meal and a place to clean up.

Bill And Frank Laid It All Out For Us In Episode 3 Of The Last Of Us

They share a common interest in Linda Ronstadt, and Bill sings Frank her song “Long Long Time” before they get intimate and head to bed together. Since this is Bill’s first experience with a man, Frank has promised to ease him into things by teaching him “the simple stuff.”

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In 2013, after Frank has spoken with Tess via radio, he and Joel finally meet each other’s spouses. Five more years have passed, and while they’re older now, their love is as strong as ever. In 2023, it is strongly implied that Frank has cancer and decides to end his life by drinking a lethal dose of sleeping pills with Bill.

As a matter of fact, they do that. They even get married, but there’s a late twist of the knife for the fans: Bill does the exact same.

What About The Story Of Bill And Frank In The Last Of Us Makes The Video Game Unique?

In The Last of Us, when Joel and Ellie visit Bill’s town, they only run into Bill. In fact, until Bill reveals that he once had “a partner,” Joel has no idea who Frank is. On the other hand, he insists that, in today’s world, genuine concern for another “is suited only for one purpose.

leading to your death. Do you understand what I’ve done now? I finally grew some brains. And I knew I couldn’t do it with anybody else.” Since then, Bill has been on his own.

What About The Story Of Bill And Frank In The Last Of Us Makes The Video Game Unique

A rift developed between Bill and Frank, who grew tired of Bill’s strict survivalist regulations. In an attempt to flee town, he stole some of Bill’s supplies, but an infected Clicker bit him before he could get far. Frank committed suicide instead of becoming a monster. Ellie, Bill, and Joel unearth his body.

In addition, Joel unearths a note Frank had written to Bill, providing insight into their final interactions. You’ll find the words, “I want you to know I hated your guts,” written on the note. “I’m sick of this dirty town and your stubborn intransigence.

There was always more I wanted out of life than what I had. You’re probably right. Leaving this city would be suicide for me. Still preferable to wasting yet another day away from you.” When a player hands Bill the note, he doesn’t react with sadness but with anger, saying, “Well, fuck you too, Frank.”

Exactly What Makes Bill And Frank’s Romance So Compelling To Read?

One reason “Long Long Time” has been so well received is that The Last of Us has fully embraced the television medium. Gameplay constraints prevented us from experiencing the kind of dynamic flashbacks seen on the show so far,

such as the TV report warning of the dangers of Cordyceps or the Indonesian mycologist realizing the extent of the outbreak. The Last of Us seizes an opportunity to develop a relationship between Bill and Frank that we never got to see develop in the game.

While the outcomes for Bill and Frank have changed, the rest of what we see is fresh while remaining faithful to the world and spirit of The Last of Us.

The Last of Us has, up until this point, presented a consistently terrifying reality. With so many Clickers, infectious diseases, and the totalitarian FEDRA government getting in the way, how can anyone live a happy and successful life?

A break from the horror is provided by “Long Long Time,” which reassures listeners that hope can be found even in the most desolate of settings.

Bill and Frank were successful in their relationship, sharing elaborate home-cooked meals and a mutual appreciation for fine art. There are disagreements, to be sure, but they tend to revolve around such trivial matters as whether or not they can have friends over rather than more pressing matters like

how to dispose of the infected. Overall, their existence is evidence that human beings can make life even in seemingly unlivable circumstances, a message that is echoed in HBO’s sublime Station Eleven, in which survivors of a global pandemic form communities, create art, and build lives beyond merely trying to fight the apocalypse.

Final Words

It was a great chance to highlight two prosperous lives. Because despite everything that can go wrong in the show’s fictional universe, Bill and Frank were able to find each other and start a life together. Attention to detail in telling their story and depicting their relationship was clearly a priority for Mazin and the show’s creators.


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