bunnie deford real name

Since the day she weds Jelly Roll, a famous singer, and rapper, the name Bunnie Xo has been all over the internet.

The two celebrities have their own dedicated fan bases thanks to the strength of their relationship. In spite of being legally wed since August 31, 2016, the couple continues to cohabitate.

There is a great deal of information available about Bunnie Xo and her husband, Jelly Roll.

What we will learn, however, is how the couple begins their journey together and what obstacles they have faced thus far. Without further ado, let’s get the full story.

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Who Is Bunnie Xo?

In addition to her fame as Jelly Roll’s wife, American actress and model Bunnie Deford (aka Bunnie Xo) has amassed a large following on social media.

Who Is Bunnie Xo

Both individuals in the couple already had sizable online followings prior to getting together, but their romance has boosted their popularity to new heights. In the United States, her husband, Jelly Roll, is a household name.

While married to Jelly Roll, Bunnie Xo has appeared in music videos and concerts with him. There has never been a time when the couple wasn’t there for each other.

They’ve kept their hand in marriage through thick and thin, and they still honor their vows even though they’ve achieved a lot.

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Bunnie Xo Early Life And Parents

A native of the United States, Bunnie Xo entered the world on 21 January 1995 in the city of Nashville, Tennessee. When Bunnie was three months old, her mother (whose identity has not been disclosed) disappeared.

Bunnie Xo Early Life And Parents

Her musician father, Bill, has raised her well since then, and she has become a legend in her own right. In an interview for a podcast last year, he opened up about his experiences as a single parent raising Bunnie.

He detailed all the challenging times they had to go through because of their precarious situation.

He had every reason to be pleased with his daughter because she had improved their standard of living.

What Is Bunnie Xo Real Name?

No one ever knows if Bunnie Xo is using a pseudonym. So, her given name, which has stuck with her ever since she was a little girl, is Bunnie DeFord.

Bunnie Xo may be a more well-known moniker for her now, but she went by Bunnie DeFord throughout her childhood. In that case, this must be her real name.

Bunnie Xo Personal Life

Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo have been married for over 6 and a half years. They’ve been married for six years now (on August 31, 2016) after being together for six years prior to that.

Bunnie and Jelly have made it to year six together, despite the fact that they have been a busy couple throughout that time. The couple is obviously obsessed with one another, so hopefully, that will lead to a rise in the total.

Final Words

After dating for several years, the couple finally got married in 2020. Just where did this couple’s love affair get its start, then? Jelly Roll makes light of his time spent in the service industry by saying,

“I was working at a plus-size male strip club, and it was called Chip & Whales.” And when women come in, the deal is that we strip down to nothing and then dress in increments according to the amount of money we’ve been tipped.


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