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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter North recently uploaded a TikTok showcasing her extensive makeup collection, and ARMYs were quick to recognize several brands.

North West’s famous mother keeps an eye on her daughter’s TikTok account, which she uses frequently as a creative outlet.

North is the primary creator of the account, which she shares with Kim. She uses it to give fans a glimpse into her glamorous life in Hollywood while also showing that she’s still a kid by posting videos in which she plays with her toys and acts silly.

North posted a video on November 12 in which she showed off an impressive collection of high-end makeup brands and invited her followers to help her organize her makeup drawer.

Her famous aunt Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics line, Kylie Cosmetics, is represented here by-products and brushes, alongside those from The Crème Shop x BT21. Considering the content of the clip, North may have let her BTS (or BT21) allegiance slip.

To represent each member of BTS, BT21 has created seven animated characters called BT21. The 2017 characters were developed by BTS and LINE Friends as part of the former’s creator initiative.

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Now, five years later, the character is featured in their own online animated series, BT21 Original Story, and merchandise and cosmetics featuring the character are widely available.

The full BT21 BABY: Macaron Lip Balm Complete Collection (a USD$70 value) was found among North’s personal makeup.

The ARMYs Quickly Realized She Was Partial To A Certain Member Of The Group. “Mang!” From BTS’s J-Hope

North highlighted her Mang lip balm and fans spotted her Mang makeup wipes and Mang faces mask in her vanity.

The other ARMY found out, to their great amusement, that North actually had more BT21 products than they did.

The ARMYs Quickly Realized She Was Partial To A Certain Member Of The Group. Mang! From BTS's J-Hope

It’s possible that North West isn’t the only famous person whose love of BTS has been exposed through the use of BT21 makeup.

Take a look at Kevin Woo below, a former member of U-KISS and now a star of KPOP on Broadway!

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MANG’s Appearance

The purple creature known as MANG has a light-blue horse mask on its head. A pink heart serves as the nose of their horse mask, which also features indigo hair and a long string with a short indigo tail attached to the bottom.

Since Mang walked between the stalls of the men’s and women’s bathrooms in the BT21 video, it is clear that they do not identify with either binary sex. Mang is also able to be gender-fluid, as they use both she and he pronouns depending on the context.

It turns out that MANG is a huge dance fan and a melancholy soul hiding behind a bright facade.

MANG’s Story

A mysterious dancing pony knew only as MANG. When he gets on the dance floor, he becomes the coolest person alive. Everyone loves to watch him dance, and the other BT21 members are constantly enamored by his skills.

MANG’s first cry sounded like a trap beat, and he now uses dance as a form of expression, but music has always been his primary means of communication.

MANG’s teacher and mentor CONN was the one who first introduced him to the dance. The Horsetown superstar CONN has guided the careers of MANG and the envious GWANG. Both students faced off against one another in a dance-off!
For more, check out MANG’s recollections from his youth and his BT21 UNIVERSE 2 ANIMATION episode.

In order to become a university and the king of dance, MANG has joined BT21 and relies on all of his skills.

Final Words

In J-story, Hope’s Mang wears a mask to conceal his identity as a dancing pony. J-Hope has a heart-shaped nose because his lips make a heart shape when he laughs. The word manga can have a number of different meanings depending on context. It’s the final piece of the word “hope,” and it also means “a pony” and “to fail” (huimang).


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