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The incident took place near Cornell, Illinois. It brought him great pleasure to instruct and mentor younger students. The family claims that even though he is dead, he continues to be a part of them.

Tell me about Alex Bullard’s recent experiences. Alex Paulsen Bullard was killed in a car accident not far from Cornell, Illinois. This tenth day of June 2021.

Alex Paulsen Bullard was a young man who took great pleasure in all aspects of life, including teaching and mentoring. Given that he held a deep respect for his roots in both his family and community.

Alex graduated with a four-year degree in agribusiness from Illinois State University in 2017.

After finishing college, he worked for Bullard Cattle Company, where he eventually became the ranch director and head herder. He was a passionate and compelling figure who worked hard to achieve his goals.

In addition to his involvement with 4H, Alex also joined the Future Farmers of America. Throughout his time as a student, he competed in athletic events and played baseball at the collegiate level.

Learn More About Alex Bullard’s Family His wife Kellie and his two kids, Halle (2) and Krew (7) weeks old, have to put up with him.

His parents, Paul and Sharlene Bullard are from Cornell, and he has a sister, Melinda (Reggie) Roth, from Gridley, Illinois, and a brother, Matthew.

Roger and Jo Ann Paulsen of Emerson, Nebraska, and Edna Bollweg of Wheaton, Illinois, are his maternal grandparents; his paternal grandparents, Robert and Sharon, passed away before he was born.

What Happened To Illinois Native Alex Paulsen Bullard?

Alex Paulsen Bullard was a young man who found joy in every facet of his life, including the role of educator. Because of how a lot he cared about his loved ones and his native space, he had risen to prominence in his community.

Halle and Kellie, his wife and daughter, stay in the background. His parents, Paul and Sharlene, and his siblings, Melinda Roth and Matthew Vanderveen are all still with us. They all hail from Flanagan, Illinois.

What Happened To Illinois Native Alex Paulsen Bullard

Alex earned his B.S. in agriculture from Illinois State University in 2017.

After finishing college, he went to work for the Bullard Cattle Group, where he has held positions ranging from farmhand to chief herdsman. He put in a lot of effort and ended up being very good at everything he tried.

Alex is involved in every possible 4H and FFA activity. During his time at a top-tier university, he was a serious athlete who played baseball on the varsity level.

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What Role Did Alex Paulsen Bullard Play In The Fatal Car Accident?

According to the online obituary for Alex Paulse Bullard, he was 27 years old when he was killed in a car or truck accident on June 10, 2021, in the vicinity of Cornell, Illinois.

He entered the world on October 10, 1993, in Streator, Illinois, to parents named Paul and Sharlene (Paulsen) Bullard. His wedding to Kellie Pilalis took place on June 22nd, 2018, in Princeton, Illinois.

His family includes his wife Kellie and their children Halle (two) and Krew (seven weeks), his parents Paul and Sharlene Bullard of Cornell, his sister Melinda (Reggie) Roth of Gridley, Illinois, and his brother Matthew.

His maternal grandparents are Roger and Jo Ann Paulsen, who live in Emerson, Nebraska, and Edna Bollweg, who lives in Wheaton, Illinois. Robert and Sharon, his paternal grandparents, passed away before he was born.

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Alex Paulsen Bullard’s Current Age: When Exactly Did He Arrive?

It was on October 10th, 1993 that Alex Paulsen Bullard entered the world. He was only 27 when he passed away. Services are expected to be held at Christ Group Church in Gridley, Illinois on Tuesday, June 15, 2021, at 10:00 a.m.

It’s likely that Andy Hรผtte, a pastor, will be in high demand. Participants are invited to the Ruestman-Harris Funeral Home in El Paso on Monday, June 14, 2021, between the hours of 4 and 7 p.m. It’s just going to take up some room at Cornell Cemetery.

Memorial contributions can be made in his honor to Flanagan Level out Lender by members of his family, Kellie, Halle, and Krew.

Alex loved doing a wide variety of activities, and he was particularly fond of anything powered by an engine and controlled by a steering wheel. The family was his number one priority and greatest joy in life.

Last Words

Alex Paulsen Bullard was only 27 years old when he passed away. Christ Community Church in Gridley, Illinois hosted a funeral on Tuesday, June 15, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. His loved ones paid tribute to Alex and expressed their sorrow and grief on social media. Alex is having a hard time because he is the sole breadwinner in his family. His family, friends, and coworkers will all miss him greatly. Donations in his memory can be made to Kellie, Halle, and Krew at any branch of Flanagan State Bank.


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