More Kias, Hyundais Stolen On West Side Says Chicago Police

Residents of Chicago’s Northwest Side are being warned by the police after over two dozen thefts of vehicles were reported in the region during the first week of the new year. The incidents occurred on the Northwest Side. In the early part of 2023, 22 Hyundai and Kia automobiles were taken from across the 25th police district, as stated in a community advisory that was published by the Chicago Police Department on Friday.

A Tik Tok Challenge cause so many thefts

The only automobiles that have been taken in connection with these thefts are the kinds that must be started with a key rather than a button on the dashboard. Some police stations around the country have reported an upsurge in the number of vehicle thefts as a direct result of a TikTok “challenge” video that went viral.

It demonstrated how to stealthily hot-wire Hyundai and Kia automobiles by utilising a USB cord. As a result of a TikTok video that demonstrates how to start the vehicles in question without the use of a key, car thieves have begun targeting Hyundai and Kia automobiles more frequently.

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Thefts are entering vehicles by Shattering Glass

Thefts are entering vehicles by Shattering Glass

Once inside, the suspects are able to forcibly open the steering column, start the vehicle, and flee from the scene, according to the police, who stated that the suspects got entrance to the vehicles either through unlocked doors or by shattering a glass. There have been many offenders seen wearing black clothing and face masks, according to the police, however the police did not release any physical descriptions of the perpetrators in these incidents.

Theft only involved car that can be started only with a key

In each of the robberies, there were many robbers who committed the act while wearing concealing apparel and masks. The car thieves were able to shatter a glass or enter the vehicle through a door that was unlocked, and once inside, they forced open the steering column in order to start the vehicle and make their getaway. According to the police, the thefts only involve automobiles whose engines can only be started with a key.

According to the police, it was the same old narrative. After breaking into the vehicles, the robbers used a USB cord to hotwire each vehicle they stole. Because of the alarmingly high number of thefts involving Kia and Hyundai vehicles, State Farm and Progressive have announced that they would no longer provide coverage for those vehicles.

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Lawsuit filled against car manufacturing companies

The CBS 2 Investigators informed you in December about a class action lawsuit that was filed against two car manufacturing companies for failing to instal engine immobilisers in their vehicles, which made the vehicles simpler to steal without the use of a key.

Lawsuit filled against car manufacturing companies

West Side commercial establishments and religious organisations pooled their resources to acquire and give away a total of 200 units of The Club, an anti-theft gadget that locks the steering wheel. Jermont Terry of CBS 2 has the report.

The new policy

Due to the fact that many of these models lack even the most fundamental anti-theft technology, certain models manufactured between 2015 and 2019 have a probability of theft that is two times higher than that of other vehicles of the same age.

There have been allegations that the cities participating include St. Louis and Denver, but the firms engaged will not comment on which cities are involved. These adjustments are applicable to any new policy.


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